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Faceoff Wired Pro Controller from PDP for Nintendo Switch

Faceoff Wired Pro Controller from PDP for Nintendo Switch

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If you are anything like me, you have likely applauded Nintendo for the invention of the Joy-Con. Two together makes a full, regular sized controller, but on their own they can quickly provide flexibility by allowing two players to play instead of one. It is an ingenious bit of technology that makes the Nintendo Switch compatible for two players, right out of the box. But let’s be real: if the opportunity was available, and funds unlimited, everyone would purchase 4 Nintendo Pro Controllers and be done with these Joy-Con controllers all together. Sadly, at 89.99 CAD a piece, purchasing 4 of these units becomes a costly endeavour. Enter Performance Design Products, and their Faceoff Wired Pro Controller. At only 29.99 USD, these are the perfect alternative to the very expensive, official Nintendo product.

The first point of importance that needs to be noted here is that these controller from PDP are officially licenced by Nintendo. What does that exactly mean? From discussion with Nintendo reps, it means that Nintendo has used and approved these products for development and release, with their full confidence and support. If Nintendo has faith in PDP, so should you. Nintendo is in a game and console development business, and aren’t huge into the extra accessories. By licencing companies like PDP, Nintendo can inadvertently supply their fan base with alternative products to their official gear. Fans from all economic backgrounds enjoy the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo wanted to make sure there was a economical controller option for everyone.

It is 2018, though, and wired controllers are a thing of the past, are they not? Since the release of the PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, the constant theme going forward was that controllers needed to be untethered from the home console, allowing freedom of movement, as well as obvious cable control. So why should Nintendo Switch gamers consider yet another cabled accessory? Outside of the great design and few extra features – programmable back buttons for example – the easiest way to sell the PDP Faceoff Wired Controller: price.

For the cost of one official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Nintendo Switch fans can almost buy 3 of the PDP versions. I’ll be the first to say that every Nintendo Switch fan needs to own the expensive Nintendo controller. It is a phenomenal accessory, and one of the best controllers on the market today. However, I want more, full sized controllers in my house for when I play multiplayer games – such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – and these wired controllers give me that flexibility. Joy-Cons are not for everyone, and to have a traditional controller available means more people can have a more traditional game play experience.

Because of the cheaper price, a few features are not present in the PDP Faceoff controllers, including HD rumble. As someone who doesn’t care much for rumble in the first place, I don’t miss that feature. When you factor in a 10 foot cord, and the ability to plug multiple of these controllers directly into the Nintendo Switch dock, there isn’t very many downsides. With an outstanding controller design – which features either a removable Mario or Luigi faceplate, with more coming soon – and the lightweight nature, it’s hard not to be impressed. The biggest reason for why I tend to use the wired controller over the official Nintendo one? Programmable back buttons.

If you’ve used an Xbox One Elite Controller, you will be familiar with the programmable back triggers. They are great for mapping certain buttons to a more convenient location, and can turn a poor-controlled titled into something very playable. Having the ability to remap two buttons to the back of the controller is phenomenal, and I especially made use of this while playing Dragon Quest Builders on the Nintendo Switch. I’m not a huge fan of the button placement for DQ Builders, and to be able to map the menu and placement buttons to the back was a huge improvement for me.

Wired controllers won’t be for everyone, but having these as an alternative option to the Nintendo Pro Controller is huge! While initially only planning to use these for multiplayer games – Mario Tennis Aces will be a great title for these – I found myself enjoying the programmable back buttons much more than I initially thought I would. For playing on the couch, at least for Dragon Quest Builders, this has replaced my HD rumble-able Nintendo Pro Controller. And that, my friends, is some pretty high praise.



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