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Don’t Let the Demo Fool You: Dragon Quest Builders on Switch has Tons To Do!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Dragon Quest Builders via the demo available on the eShop, stop what you are doing, pick up your Switch, and download it now. Our own Daniel Fugate wrote about the demo on the website late last month, and we were both under the same opinion: this is a must own for Switch owners! You can read his thoughts here, or just below and see what my initial impressions are!


Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch is going to be huge, and I base this on one thing, and one thing only: so many Nintendo Switch owners are talking about Dragon Quest Builders like it’s a brand new property, and not one that was released on PlayStation 4 just a few years ago. For the record, this will be the second launch of Dragon Quest Builders in the west, and while many may be unfamiliar with the PS4 version of the game, it has been wildly available for a long time now, and has even been hard to find in physical form up here in Canada.

The hype, however, is very real. And for good reason. If you’ve had the opportunity to play through the demo, you’ll know that there is a lot to do and create in Dragon Quest Builders, and while many have complained that the game is very repetitive, wait until you get your hands on the full version.

While the demo did suffer from repetition – as you could really only play the first hour of the game – once you get into Chapter 2, the game opens up in a multitude of ways. You’ll have a much bigger island to explore, complete with new characters, building materials, and crafting materials. What really got me excited about Dragon Quest Builders was picking up a new resource, and seeing how many new building options I had. And to think, I’m only on the first of many new islands – the possibilities for building and uncovering new secrets is massive, and will easily keep people moving forward.

While having a great storyline helps move Dragon Quest Builders along, there are plenty of things to distract you and keep you playing, including deconstructing buildings you find to get the resources it contains. For example, in the first world you will eventually visit, you will find a castle in ruin, but with lots of great items buried inside. Although I could probably build all of these things in the future, leaving them there seemed liked a waste. So I spent a good two hours combing through that building, taking everything of value with me. Had there been time, I probably would have leveled that building to the ground, taking all the castle wall bricks with me as well.

There is always something to do in Dragon Quest Builders, and I’m quickly finding that out now. With over 8 hours of play time already, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I think this game will ultimately offer. You can pre-order Dragon Quest Builders now via the Nintendo eShop or your local retailer, and play this Friday!


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