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Dragon Quest Builders Demo Out Now For Nintendo Switch

The first Dragon Quest Builders is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month! I have never played the game before and I’m pretty excited about it. You know what got me even more excited for it? Square Enix released a demo today for the game!


A demo for the first Dragon Quest Builders was released for the Nintendo Switch today. I downloaded the demo and here are my intial impressions of it!

I wasn’t sure about Dragon Quest Builders before playing it. The previews I’d seen of it looked good but would it just be another Minecraft clone? I’ve been a little bit of the demo so far and I can say that I like even more than Minecraft.

I’m a huge Dragon Quest fan, so that probably helps with how much I like this game. Everything from the graphics to the games music screams Dragon Quest. I’m also delighted to see so many DQ enemies in the game. The combat is system is not turn-based like normal Dragon Quest games but its still fun. And then theres the crafting part of the game!

Buiding things in Dragon Quest Builders is very easy and a lot of fun. First you have to have a recipe and then you can go out, collect materials, and then go back to your crafting table. Actually carfting things is as simple as choicing what you want to craft and oking it. Then you can place objects in the world and build up your town.

As you play through the demo (I haven’t finished it yet! You can save!), you’ll get some people joining your town and they’ll give you stuff to do. I really enjoyed talking to them. The dialogue in this game is very funny. The tasks are fun to complete and you get rewards that’ll help you survive or build other things.

Dragon Quest Builders looks really good on the TV and in portable mode too. I love how you can have the camera overhead, far away, or really close up. I definitly enjoy the close up view the most.

I’m having so much fun with the Dragon Quest Builders demo. I think this game is going to be a ton of fun on the Nintendo Switch!

Dragon Quest Builders comes out on the Nintendo Switch on February 9th, 2017. Are you looking forward to it?


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