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Switching to Bayonetta

On the Wii U, I played a demo of Bayonetta but I never played the full game. I didn’t know if the game would be something I’d like or not. When Adam Roffel asked if I wanted to review Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch, I said yes. Would I like Bayonetta? I wasn’t sure, but I knew there were a lot of people who liked it on Wii U. Is Bayonetta a good game on the Switch? Here’s my preview of the first game on Nintendo’s newest system!


Bayonetta looked great on the Wii U, however I think it looks even better on the Nintendo Switch. The visuals in this game are stunning. The cutscenes especially are flashy and great, the actual gameplay looks excellent too. Bayonetta is not a game you would expect on a Nintendo console and yet here it is and the Nintendo Switch pulls it off.

The fast paced gameplay of Bayonetta runs well on the TV and in handheld mode. So far, I have mostly played this game in handheld mode. I’ve seen no framerate drops or slowdown in handheld mode or the TV. I do think the visuals look best in TV mode (a bit brighter on the TV), but gameplay wise you’ll be fine playing this game on either TV or portable.

The action in this game reminds me of Devil May Cry a lot. I think that Bayonetta does this gameplay very well. I have been having fun with the game for the most part. I will admit Bayonetta isn’t really my type of game, but I think it is fun anyway. I am sure there are people who will have a lot more fun with this game than me though.

One thing that I don’t care much for is the game’s story. Bayonetta’s story is just so cheesy (especially the dialogue). I’m not going to say its uninteresting, but I’m always more interested in getting back to its gameplay. Some of the cutscenes in this game are pretty long though.

I was also surprised by how much cursing is in this game. I can’t say I cared for that at all. Bayonetta, overall, is such an anti-Nintendo game and its a wonder that Nintendo wanted it on their system.

Bayonetta is not a bad game. In fact, its a really great game. I’m not altogether sure why its on the Wii U or Nintendo Switch, but I think its cool that Nintendo went out of their comfort zone and brought it to the system anyway. I can see some people thinking that Bayonetta is the coolest game on the Nintendo Switch. It has a lot going for it. I don’t think it will be one of the best I’ve ever played but I do think this game will end up with a pretty high score.

Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch is really impressive. It may not be my type of game, but I’m glad I got the chance to play and review it.

Please stay tuned to for my review of Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch!


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