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What CS Go Cases to Open in 2023? The Best CS:Go Cases to Buy

Opening cases in CS:GO has long been a notable trend. Such “boxes” with items are the best-selling things on the Steam trading platform (if you compare them exclusively to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive merchandise). Users often buy cases not because they want a nice skin but because they develop a false sense of winning ― gambling.



What Is a Case in CS:GO?

A case in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a virtual “box” filled with items (skins, stickers, graffiti). To open the container, you will need to purchase a special key on the Steam trading platform or bargain it from other users. The key role in the drop is pure luck, so the quality of a dropped-out skin from the current account level is not traceable. Cases often emerge after successfully playing matches and increasing the rank. There are also some ways to farm “boxes,” consisting of AFK-rating on the individual servers. Let’s find out what cases to buy in CS GO in 2023!

Dreams and Nightmares Case

On the night of January 21, 2022, an update was released in CS:GO, which added a new dreams and nightmares case. It features 17 winning weapon colorings designed by enthusiasts in the game’s community. The CS:GO team reviewed over 15,000 artworks worldwide and selected 17 weapon colorings to be sent to the case. Each winning entry received $100,000, for a total prize pool of $1.7 million.

Horizon Case

This is no longer a new case, but it is still considered one of the best. The skins in the case are pretty cheap, though there are some nice ones. Let’s start with the good stuff, the AK-47. A neon racer straight out of the factory. The mix of blue, pink, and purple makes you want to buy or knock it out. What a beauty! There’s also a skin for the Desert Eagle. It may not stand out, but it’s one of the few secret Desert Eagle skins.

Falchion Case

One of the few cases with AWP and AK-47 covert quality simultaneously! This is a budget case with beautiful skins. The juicy AWP is a speedy beast that contains a colourful and intimidating beast. The colour scheme and the drawing are great, and the skin is pretty cheap, which devalues the artist’s work. Because of the popularity of these skins, both the AWP and the AK-47 have lost a lot of their price advantage. That’s how any market works ― the more goods, the lower their price.

Hydra Case

Players like bright and bold skins, so three beautiful weapons will stand out in your hands when you play―AWP | Great demon, Five-Seven | Speedy beast, and M4A4 | Infernal flame. Both the AWP and Five-Seven are secret skins. Five-Seven continued the line of “speed beasts,” which allows for at least some, but a nice-looking set. The M4A4 dropped down a notch, gaining classified quality, but it didn’t lose anything in beauty because of that. All of these skins are worthy of your attention, as well as the case itself.

Phoenix Case

It doesn’t look noteworthy, but there are a couple of decent skins. AK-47 | Red Line is an extremely aesthetic and beautiful skin. There is nothing superfluous here; a mixture of black and red colors won the hearts of many users. Together with it in Phoenix there is almost the best AWP 2022 and the cherished dream of nearly every player in CS:GO ― AWP | Azimov.


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