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Dragon Quest Treasures Demo Available Now On the Switch Eshop

A demo for Dragon Quest Treasures has been released on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


Dragon Quest Treasures is currently available via retail and the Nintendo Switch eshop. If you’re unsure about this game, you can now check out a demo of it. All of your progress in the demo will carry over to the main game and you’ll get some extra Better Buddy Bullets. These pellets are super handy because they’ll have you recruit monsters to your team.

We highly recommend Dragon Quest Treasures for fans of the Dragon Quest franchise, especially Dragon Quest 11 S, and newcomers alike. Dragon Quest Treasures is a spinoff of the DQ series. The main characters are in Dragon Quest 11 S! This is a prequel where they are younger and they are out looking treasures. Dragon Quest Treasures is super addictive. The game is included in my top ten games of 2022. Its number two in fact!

Have you tried Dragon Quest Treasures yet? If not, do you plan to download the demo?


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