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Castaway Paradise “Nintendo Switch™ Edition” (Video)

Castaway Paradise is an indie game we’ve known about for awhile now. One part Animal Crossing and one part Harvest Moon, Castaway Paradise looks like a game that just belongs on the Nintendo Switch. And now we know that the game will be coming in 2021 to the Nintendo Switch eshop!

Castaway Paradise will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eshop in Spring 2021. No date in Spring has been announced yet.

I’m sure many of you know by now what a big fan of Animal Crossing I am. Castaway Paradise is basically an indie Animal Crossing. It features animals as your neighbors, a small island, fishing, bug hunting, furniture collecting, and more. Part of the “and more” is farming, which is more Harvest Moon than Animal Crossing! Although New Horizons is dabbling in that a little with the addition of pumpkins last year. So Castaway Paradise is absolutely something Animal Crossing fans like me will want to keep an eye on.

I like the look of Castaway Paradise. Its very cute and fun looking. The fishing and bug hunting look nice. I have no idea if the game works on a day-to-day clock like Animal Crossing or if its a fast clock like Harvest Moon. I hope its more Animal Crossing but I can see that most people would want it to be more Harvest Moon because things are accomplished quicker. Either way, this should be a fun game!

I’m pretty excited for Castaway Paradise. I admit I had almost forgotten about the game. Its been so long since we got news on it. I wasn’t sure if it was still coming to the Switch! I’m so glad it is and I am looking forward to checking it out.

What do you think of Castaway Paradise? Will you be picking it up from the eshop in Spring 2021?


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