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More Thoughts From Me #77: Another Look At RPG Maker FES

Not that long ago, I did a review of RPG Maker FES for the 3DS. The object of the game, of course, is to make rpgs. You can also download rpgs that other people have made and play them. Though, at the time I reviewed the game, there weren’t many rpgs to play yet. So I decided, for this column, to go back to the game and see if anybody came out with a cool rpg yet. Let’s take a look.

As I noted in my review, RPG Maker FES is a complicated game. It doesn’t have a tutorial either. So people have to figure out how to create rpgs on their own.

I never have figured out all the tools for the game. My rpgs are still not finished. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish them. I do, however, have a feeling that there will be some people who figure out how to create cool rpgs for RPG Maker FES. It’s going to take time though.

The rpgs on the server so far are either small rpgs or half finished rpgs. I saw some demos available for ongoing projects. Other rpgs were listed as short or focused on dialogue. There was one rpg that I downloaded that was trying to be an adventure/puzzle game instead of an rpg. Another rpg was set in a really small world and didn’t give enough direction as to what you were supposed to do. Generally, the rpgs I’ve played so far fall into that second category. Nobody had figured out all the tools for the game yet.

It seems like people are still experminting with RPG Maker FES. Of course, it hasn’t been that long since the game came out!

I have faith that some people will figure out the game though. If you’re at all interested in playing the rpgs that people make, then you can download a free RPG Maker Player from the 3DS eshop!

The RPG player is setup a lot like the actual game expect you can’t build your own rpgs. With the player, you can only download rpgs that other people make. Its a pretty neat little app and will give you a good idea of what RPG Maker can do.

Have any of you created an rpg with RPG Maker FES? If so, please direct me to it and I’ll check it out!

I’ll be checking in with RPG Maker FES once and awhile and will write another column about it if I see anything cool!

Next week: My first impressions of the first Breath of the Wild DLC. Yes, I’m running a little behind. I will finally get the first dlc soon and I’ll have impressions on it next week for you!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I really should try to work on my rpg a bit more!


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