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More Thoughts From Me #110: Questions and Answers

I asked a bunch of my twitter friends/followers if they had any questions for me and they delievered! So todays More Thoughts From Me is a Q&A. You had questions and I have answers!

Here are the questions in bold and then my answers:

GTM618 asked: “VR. Is it the future? Or a fad”

I want to say VR is a fad but it keeps coming back. We can’t get rid of it! It was here in the 90s, then it faded away for awhile and now its back. Movies, TV, and books are all obessed with it too. I don’t get it honestly. Why does anyone want to wear a bulky headset to play a video game? Now if it was something thin like a pair of glasses and the graphics were great…wow!

I don’t think VR is the future though. Unless they can get those thin pair of glasses and its cheap. I’d rather see the holodeck from Star Trek anyway:

The next question is from Miketendo, who asked What I think of “Pokemon Snap!”

I don’t like Pokemon so the idea of a game where you take pictures of Pokemon doesn’t interest me at all.

Adam Roffel wanted me to write a 1000 words on Pokemon.

I refuse! You can’t make me!

Shaun Edwards: “Dragon Quest Builders, just another Minecraft clone or something special?”

I wrote about Dragon Quest Builders here. To sum that column up, I really love the game. And in my opinion its not just another Minecraft clone. If you like Dragon Quest and/or rpgs, then I think you should play Dragon Quest Builders. Yes, there is a lot of building, but there is fighting, a good story, lots of stuff to find, fishing, and a cool free build mode. You can check out what types of buildings other people are making even!

I can’t stop playing Dragon Quest Builders! Meanwhile, I haven’t played Minecraft in a long time now. Its not that I don’t like Minecraft, I do like it, but the lack of story and cool rpg elements kept me from being hooked on it. I’m hooked on DQ Builders!

Paul Hunter asked: “I wanna know your thoughts on the Switch’s 2018 outlook! I also want to know how you feel about Detective Pikachu (the character, not the game).”

I have mixed feelings about the Switch’s current (revealed) lineup. I’m not a fan of all these Wii U ports and Mario Tennis looks pretty blah to me (though I don’t tennis). That said, I’m very excited for so many of the upcoming Indie games coming to the Switch. And the third party support is amazing!

I’m hoping that the August-December Nintendo lineup will be better than the first half of the year. Hopefully they are saving some great new games for us (where’s Yoshi?!). Overall, though, the Switch is doing a lot better than the Wii U was doing at this point. The poor, poor Wii U. I’m still a fan of that system. Though, yeah, the Switch is better.

As for Detective Pikachu, well….as I mentioned earlier…I’m not a Pokemon fan. So I’m not a fan of this character either.

Now, if we had gotten Detective Mario instead…

Jon Scarr asked: “What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s choice to put first party games on Game Pass? What are your thoughts on the games as a service model? Do you see this as the future of video games?”

I don’t know a lot about Game Pass because I don’t have an Xbox One system. However, what I have heard, sounds cool. I think its a great idea for them to put first party games on the service and I would think it would make the service more worthwhile to the subscribers.

As for games as a service, I think its a good addition to having physical copies and online shops. I don’t think its the future of video games though.

Sony tried to do an all digital platform with the PSP Go and that was huge failure (even more than the PSP or Vita). I don’t see anyone doing a Netflix for video games without also having a physical way for people to have the games too. Game Netflix sounds nice, but I think people still want to be able to actually own their video games.

So if Microsoft ever gets out of making systems, maybe they’ll do a service and also go third party for Nintendo and Sony. I don’t know. Maybe Microsoft will make consoles forever. I just can’t see a future with only services for video games though.

I could be very wrong.

And thats it for the questions! Thanks to everyone that helped out with this column. All great questions. Yes, even the Pokemon questions!

Next week: I’ll talk about Celeste for the Nintendo Switch! Its an indie game all about climbing a mountain and it supposed to be a really hard game. How hard of a game is it? I’ll have my impressions of the game next week!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. The Pokémon thoughts especially!


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