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More Thoughts From Me #108: So Very Addicted to Dragon Quest Builders

I wish I wasn’t writing this column right now. I’m much rather be playing Dragon Quest Builders for the Nintendo Switch. However, I promised you all a column this week about Dragon Quest Builders, so here I am. Lets get this over so I can go back to the game ok?


Dragon Quest Builders for the Nintendo Switch is so very addictive.

I wasn’t sure at first. Don’t get me wrong: I loved the demo. Then I played the full game and the first chapter had me repeat some of the stuff from the demo and then I got into unexplored areas and that was fun. The game did get a little repetitve though. And I got stuck at that big boss at the end of chapter 1 for awhile too.

Still, I really liked Dragon Quest Builders. Then, I finished chapter 1, unlocked free build mode and chapter 2 and…wow. I am so very addicted to this game now. In chapter 1, I was a little addicted. Chapter 2 is even better. There are some many new things to see and do. Plus I got a fishing pole! I may not be a fan of fishing in real life, but I like it in video games. I especially like the simple fishing of Animal Crossing. Dragon Quest Builders has simple fishing too!

And then there’s free build mode. I still haven’t built anything to share in it, but I built a little house to sleep in. The best part is seeing other peoples creations. There are these stone sharing tablets and you can set them to see random buildings that people created! These random buildings will just beam into specific spots in free build mode once and awhile. Some of the creations are amazing. Check out this slime someone made:


and this awesome sailing ship:


Oh and here’s Mario:


There have been some other creations that are, well, not so good. Still probably better than anything I could create. ha. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with what people are creating and I can’t wait to see what else pops up.

Chapter 2, along with this wonderful free build mode, have me playing Dragon Quest Builders a lot. I love this game!

Have you played Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch? Elsewhere? What do you think of the game?

Next week: I still play my 3DS. Yes, I love the Nintendo Switch, but I haven’t given up on Nintendo’s other handheld yet. What could we see this year for the system? Nintendo said there would be games for it this year! So what will they announce? When will they announce it? My 3DS speculations next week.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Ok, back to Dragon Quest Builders now!


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