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Alien: Isolation Announced

Looking for something to scare your socks off? Alien: Isolation looks like it might actually be that game, and while we've been disappointed by the IP before, SEGA look to have fixed things completely this time around. Horror? Check. Deadly aliens? Check. Unnecessary character link to previous entries? Check. Hell - it could even be a new entry in the film franchise.


Left 4 Dead Devs Announce Evolve

There really aren't enough co-op multiplayer games around, to the point where Left 4 Dead manages to stand out basically unchallenged. They're fantastic games in their own right, especially if you have people to enjoy them with, but ultimately there isn't much competition. That's going to change soon, when Evolve is released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.


Sony Announce PlayStation Now

There's been a lot of speculation about what Sony will be looking to do with the Cloud, and it seems like they might have been reading an awful lot of what people expect from the service online. It's slightly underwhelming in just how right many of us were about it, but in every other way I'm not sure they could handle it any better. There are a few questions left to be asked - which probably means we won't like the answers - but so far we're impressed.


Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Not Coming To PC

Ok, so Square Enix are playing this game. Despite the fact that a Game of the Year edition is almost certainly coming to PC, and despite the fact that it would make sense to have the new features of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition in that Game of the Year release, Eidos representatives are still saying that it isn't going to happen.


Last of Us PS4 Port Possible

There has been a specific change in the way Naughty Dog are answering questions about a potential Last of Us port to PlayStation 4. Coincidence, or are they really paying attention to the thousands asking for a 60FPS, full HD version of the best selling Sony exclusive? If it'll sell...


Naughty Dog Are “Only” Working on Last of Us DLC and Uncharted

It's nothing to sniff at, but everything Naughty Dog are working on has been announced. There's no secret Last of Us 2 being built behind closed doors, no Jak 4 on the horizon. This was revealed at the PlayStation Blog when somebody asked whether they would be bringing anything to Vita. The answer was fairly final.


Tomb Raider Multiplayer Improved for Next-Gen

I never really managed to get into the multiplayer modes present in Tomb Raider, but there were very mixed murmurs about it. Some people loved it, others hated it, but that's what happens when a previously single player franchise turns its attention to the online mode. Those that didn't enjoy it, or who didn't fully test it, have another chance to check it out with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as the back-end has been completely re-written.


Tomb Raider Devs Defend Re-release Price Point

It's a dangerous thing to consider: that game that you paid $60 for last year, re-released on a next-gen machine, where the developers expect you to pay another $60 for some minor new features. On a Q&A at the official Eidos forums, Scot Amos defended the decision to charge full price on the next-gen version of Tomb Raider.


Analysts: “Sony Has 79% Chance of Going Bankrupt in Next Two Years”

The PlayStation 4 has had a fantastic launch, and Sony Computer Entertainment are no doubt hungrily planning what to do next. It's an amazing piece of technology, and one that gamers are buying up in their droves. Sony aren't only known for their gaming consoles, however, and in other areas things aren't going nearly as well.


EA Rep Allegedly Argues Over Battlefield 4

There are so many things about this story that could be wrong or misinterpreted (or just plain made up) but it makes for quite the interesting idea anyway. A user on Neogaf claims that, after attempting to get a new, sealed copy of Battlefield 4 from EA so that he could get a refund at Gamestop, they got into a fight with an EA rep over whether or not the game's current state constitutes that it is broken.