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Upgrade to PS4 titles for as little as $10

Sony announced at GameCom that players who buy select titles on their current console will be able to upgrade their copy to a digital PS4 counter-part for as little as $10.


Minecraft Coming to PlayStation Consoles

Minecraft was a pretty prominent announcement for the Xbox One at E3. You only have to look at the sales figures to see that people are willing to buy the indie hit wherever it lands, and a version for next-gen consoles will be a must for many. It won't only be coming to Xbox One though, as tonight Sony announced Minecraft PS4.


PlayStation 4 Release Date Announced, Will be Available in 32 Countries in November

Sony have tonight revealed the release date for the PlayStation 4. Although rumours hinted at an October release date, the PlayStation 4 will be available for purchase on November 15th in the US and November 29th in EU territories. The price will be £349, $399 and €399. There have been over a million pre-orders so far worldwide, despite some retailers cancelling pre-orders in the hope of curbing stock issues. That's not too bad, although initial excitement is no indication as to just ...


PS4 release date being revealed tomorrow

Sony have confirmed that they will be announcing the release date of the PS4 tomorrow at 6pm CET at Gamescom in Germany.


Just Cause 3 to Feature Asynchronous Multiplayer, Mobile Compatibility

Before the next-gen consoles were officially announced, we saw only a few flashes of what might be happening with our favourite franchises. Job postings and vague teases that meant nothing twelve months ago now contain a wealth of information that hint at the games we'll be playing in 2014 and beyond; it's fascinating to look back and line things up.


Were Just Cause Devs Working on an Iron Man Game?

A new rumour is floating around that Avalanche Studios, the developers behind Just Cause 2, may have been working on an Iron Man game. The title has since been cancelled, and perhaps if you consider the potential scale of that, you might just understand why. The rumour was started late last year (check the bottom post) when a job posting announced that they were looking for people to work on three AAA projects based on major IP. These were thought…


Cory Barlog Makes a “Crazy” Return to Santa Monica Studios

Cory Barlog teased a "crazy" announcement late last week, and it did indeed turn out to be something nobody could have expected. The God of War 2 director has returned to Santa Monica Studios. For those that aren't sure why that's a big deal, he also wrote and did the original design for God of War III, and did the script for God of War: Ghost of Sparta. In many ways, his vision led one of the most popular franchises under the PlayStation brand.


“Crazy” Announcement Coming to PlayStation Blog

Cory Barlog, director of God of War II and last known working at Crystal Dynamics, has said that there will be a “crazy” announcement coming to the PlayStation Blog tomorrow. Time differences being what they are, that basically means today! Check out the playstation blog tomorrow – I heard they have a crazy announcement. — Cory Barlog (@corybarlog) August 9, 2013 Nothing else is said about the announcement, no hints as to what it entails or how crazy it might…


PS4 and Xbox One launch lacking 3rd party Japanese games

Japanese developers are usually at the forefront of any console launch. However, the upcoming launch of PS4 and Xbox One will have zero games coming from any Eastern developer.


PS4 recording not exclusive to PS+ members

Ever since Microsoft confirmed a Gold Xbox Live membership was required to avail of the Xbox One's built-in DVR, Sony fans have been worried the same will apply to PS4 and that they'll need a PS+ subscription to make use of the PS4's game recording abilities.