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Batman: Arkham Knight first gameplay trailer released

Let's back up a little, because the new trailer for Rocksteady's latest Batman offering; Batman: Arkham Knight has a whole lot of the good stuff to drool over.


PlayStation Now Will Have “Hundreds of Titles” at Launch

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by how many titles you have in the backlog? Worried that your 250+ games on Steam have never been touched, and yet you keep buying them? Things might be about to get much worse. IGN are reporting that they've been told the PlayStation Now streaming service will contain "hundreds of titles" at launch, an event that's happening this summer for you lucky North Americans.


Last of Us PS4 Port “Was Hell”

The Last of Us is coming to PlayStation 4, and it wasn't at all unexpected. Regardless, it wasn't as easy as people might think considering it'll have taken about a year to come to shelves. How bad? Neil Druckmann, in an interview with EDGE, said that Naughty Dog "expected it to be Hell, and it was Hell."


Ubisoft Didn’t Interfere in Child of Light Development

It's a well believed idea that major publishers hate originality and that they'll take a direct hand in development if they don't like the direction a game is going. While that may well happen, Child of Light writer Jeffrey Yohalem was surprised to find Ubisoft was nothing but supportive of his fairy tale RPG.


Koei Tecmo Registers Xtreme Beach Volleyball – Expect 1080p Boobs

There's one thing everybody thinks when they see Dead or Alive or one of its beach-based spin-offs for the first time - man, this would be so much better at a higher resolution. Koei Tecmo appear to be on the edge of announcing a new Volleyball title and have registered the name Xtreme Beach Volleyball in Japan, a game that'll probably end up on at least PlayStation 4.


PlayStation Formats in Mass Firmware Update

If you own a PlayStation 4, a Vita or have downloaded the official PlayStation App on your smartphone, you'll have seen an update notification today. The PlayStation 4 has been updated to 1.7, and the other two platforms have been updated to allow for new features or to fix old ones.


PlayStation Beats Xbox on Quantity AND Quality, Although it’s Gamers That Win

When Neogaf user DeadPixel made a list of all the games released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since release, there was a lot of discussion about quality vs quantity. Is it better to have a lot of smaller releases, including re-releases of indie games from the previous generation, or bigger AAA titles like Titanfall? Your answer probably aligns somewhat with your console of choice. GamesReview's very own Steven Van Eekeran wasn't convinced that it was an issue of quality against quantity ...


First Image of Call of Duty 2014 Released

IGN and Sledgehammer have released an image of the next Call of Duty, supposedly from in-game footage. Call of Duty 2014 has yet to be fully revealed, although it was confirmed earlier this year that it would be made with a focus on new-gen consoles. Perhaps the release of this image, with its rather excellent texturing, is a continuation of that.


PlayStation 4 Update 1.7 Coming Soon, adds SHAREfactory

Sony announced their next major PlayStation 4 update a few weeks ago, and although that already feels like a lifetime, a little more patience will be required. It's not quite ready to go, but the House of Kratos has revealed a bit more about what you can expect in the next big set of firmware, including a little more information on the new video editing suite.


Sackboy’s First PS4 Appearance is in The Playroom

The Playroom, for those of us who invested in the new PlayStation Camera, is a collection of bonus games that are fun to play in short bursts with friends and family. It's forced onto the console, so you can never delete it, but it's all but useless if you don't have the peripheral needed, and so a lot of people have managed not to see the moderate but very real fun offered. With that said, they've supported it well, with three free DLC packs now released. The latest update includes a very ...