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More Thoughts From Me #159: The Switch Finds Its (War) Groove

I don’t like Advance Wars. I’ve tried to like the series, but its just never hooked me. But when I saw WarGroove for the Nintendo Switch for the first time, I thought it looked cool. Yes, some of it looks inspired by Advance Wars, but the fantasy setting appealed to me more than Advance Wars military setting. So I was interested in the game and I become more interested as I saw further footage. So yes, I bought WarGroove for…

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Switching to Final Fantasy IX

I just beat Kingdom Hearts 3. And then Square Enix sent us a review code for Final Fantasy IX. Talk about perfect timing! I was totally ready to revisit this classic on the Switch. So how does FF9 hold up? Have I noticed any differences from the PS1 version? Am I having fun with the game so far? Here are my early impressions of Final Fantasy IX for Nintendo Switch. Final Fantasy IX is the first of the PS1/PS2 classic…

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Is Daemon X Machina’s Prototype Missions Demo Worth A Look?

We got a few free things after the Nintendo Direct yesterday. There was a free-to-play game and a free demo. And then there was the biggest and most unexpected free thing: a demo of Daemon X Machina! The game is still being worked on and it looks like the developer wants feedback, hence the free look at the game. What do I think of Daemon X Machina Prototype Missions? Check out my impressions below. When I first saw Daemon X…

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Yoshi Gets Crafty: A Look At the Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo

Yoshi’s Crafted World is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month. I didn’t know if we would get a demo for the game and I definitely did not expect one this month. However, yesterday we did a get a free demo. You can download it now on the eshop, but please stick around to read my thoughts on the Yoshi’s Crafted World demo first. Ever since I first saw Yoshi’s Crafted World, I thought it looked like a cute and…

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Far Cry New Dawn logo

Far Cry New Dawn Review

I usually do my best to avoid any story spoilers, but when providing context for Far Cry New Dawn, that seems a near impossible task. So here we go, an official Spoiler Alert: At the end of Far Cry 5, a nuclear weapon is detonated over Hope County. This sets in motion a chain of events that lead to New Dawn, set 17 years into the post-apocalyptic life of the same region. A new threat has emerged and taken control of the region, and once again it is up to us to stop them.

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Final Fantasy Switch Games Release Updates

During today’s Nintendo Direct, we found out some more information about the Final Fantasy games that are coming to the Switch! We have the updates below along with a launch trailer for Final Fantasy 9. Final Fantasy 9 came out today! We plan to have review of that game as soon as possible here at Not only that, but Final Fantasy 7 is coming on March 26! I am super excited to play that game on the Switch and…

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New Fire Emblem Three Houses Information

Nintendo told us more about Fire Emblem Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch today. Check out the video and then come back for my thoughts on what we learned. Fire Emblem Three Houses was spotlighted in today’s Nintendo Direct. We learned more about the game’s story and it was revealed that the game is coming out on July 26! I can’t say I’m too excited about Fire Emblem’s school setting but the combat looks just as fun as ever, maybe…

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Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition (Trailer)

I loved Dragon Quest XI on the Playstation 4. Its a fantastic game. And even though I played it on the PS4, I was still interested in the Switch version. Now, after seeing the new trailer from today’s Direct, I’m even more interested! Take a look! Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition looks incredible. The main graphics look a lot like the Playstation 4 version but you can change to a retro art style…

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Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is Being Remade for the Switch

The final reveal at the end of today’s Nintendo Direct was a big one: Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is being remade for the Nintendo Switch! Link’s Awakening on the Gameboy was a really good game. I played it again when it was released on the 3DS Virtual Console and still liked it. This new version of the game looks amazing! The graphics look like a combination of A Link Between Worlds and A Link to the Past, with a…

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Super Mario Maker 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo started off today’s Nintendo Direct with a huge announcement: Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to the Switch. We have a video of the game and thoughts on it. Super Mario Maker 2 was rumored for the Switch but I had no idea that Nintendo was going to start this Nintendo Direct with it. Not only that but the game was announced for June 2019! Nintendo mentioned that there will be more features revealed but so far, they showcased…

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