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Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee – PET ME!

While Pokémon Let’s Go has been out for awhile, the experience of game play across generations is worthy of discussion.  I got Pokémon Let’s Go: Eevee the week it was released. I can only speak to the experience as one with the Pokéball controller.  This controller, for me, was the selling point. In fact, I did not even own a switch until the game was released. I must say, I fully enjoy the game.  I mean, to be able to play as Ash, discovering Eevee was so ...

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E3 2018 – Nintendo Booth Tour

Nintendo at E3 2018 was a blast! We went back to visit my colleagues as the Nintendo Booth of E3 again this year. We had a lovely exchange and then Julie took me up to play the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles. Thank again to Nintendo of Canada for setting us up with this fantastic opportunity, as well as Julie for the fantastic tour once again!

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Warner Bros

Warner Bros Booth Tour at E3 2018

Warner Bros did not disappoint at E3 2018! I didn’t realize it until my booth tour was over with WB, but villainy was definitely the theme. I only played two titles, but I was a Hitman in one and a DC villain aiding the Joker in a prison escape in the others. I am now realizing how infrequently play villains, and I have say, I loved it. Another delightful surprise, both of these games will release before the end of the year, so players will get a chance to ...

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You Just Had to Be There: Impressions from the Xbox E3 Briefing

Let me start by saying, having the opportunity to experience the XBOX briefing was amazing. Not only did they announce the acquisition of five studios, they also showed 50 games, 15 of which were “console exclusive”. Of course, console exclusive doesn’t make a game belong to Xbox, some may be on PC as well (e.g. PUBG), others may only be exclusive to XBOX for a limited time.

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Bethesda Event PAX East

One of the highlights of my PAX East Experience was Bethesda Gameplay Day on April 7th. During this time, guests had the opportunity to play The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Houses of Morrowind, Quake Champions, and try Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on the Nintendo Switch! Ironically, the event was not in the convention center, so people didn’t even need a PAX badge to attend what was essentially a gameplay party including ...

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Space and Sci Fi Fans

Apptly named developer LGM (Little Green Men) Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive posted teaser trailer for Cycle of Warfare, DLC for Starpoint Gemini Warlords.  If you have not played Starpoint Gemini, it is a nexus of  space sim, RPG and 4X strategy games.  New DLC expands the game with over 100 hours including new conquests, scenario gameplay, and playable factions.   Review of the game coming soon™. [Youtube video=’qNWKJbuKp90 ‘]…

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Destiny 2 Beta: More to Come

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here: Destiny 2 Beta The long awaited Destiny 2 Beta made it to XBOX and PS4 last week. Being an XBOX console gamer I was not able to get in on the festivities on the first day. This actually gave me time to watch some gameplay on PS4 player’s Twitch streams, but avoided spoilers. Every broadcaster that I watched play the Destiny Beta expressed overall satisfaction and anticipation of the release. Aside from ...

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Nintendo Booth @E3: Rekindling a Childhood Love

During this first trip to E3 I had the distinct honor and pleasure of a Nintendo Booth tour and meeting with Julie Gagnon, from Nintendo Canada. In preparing for this meeting I reflected on my history with Nintendo, from Nintendo classic to SNES to Nintendo 64 and WiiU. I've had my share of joy from Nintendo Products over decades, from: Mario, Super Mario, Mario RPG, Wetrix, and Splatoon. To be honest, I hadn't played Nintendo games much over the past few ...

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Throwback Horror Movie Game Experience: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th the game is a nostalgic throwback to the narratives of the Friday the 13th movie series set at Camp Crystal Lake that captures the essence of the movies and the genre. In this 1 v 7 multiplayer game, players play as one of the different versions of the killer, Jason Vorhees, from the Friday the 13th movies. Players can also opt to be one of up to camp counselors representing the classic horror movie tropes trying to evade and or injure Jason. ...

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