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E3 2018 – Nintendo Booth Tour

Nintendo at E3 2018 was a blast! We went back to visit my colleagues as the Nintendo Booth of E3 again this year.  We had a lovely exchange and then Julie took me up to play the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles. Thank again to Nintendo of Canada for setting us up with this fantastic opportunity, as well as Julie for the fantastic tour once again!


While we did get to play a number of Nintendo titles, it is important to note here that although Fortnite was available on the Nintendo show floor, we didn’t spend time playing it has already been released. That being said, we did get to try a number of great Nintendo titles, including Mario Tennis Aces, StarLink, and more. But the real shinning light at this presentation for our crew at GamesReviews was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee! More on Smash Bros later, but for now…

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee

I actually finished my day with Nintendo’s upcoming Pokémon title. Up to this point I’d already had a blast and as they switched games, they asked me, “have you played Pokémon Go”? Of course I have, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At this point of the meeting I was honestly skeptical that they can replace the satisfaction of holding my phone and catching Pokémon with AR mode (Augmented Reality),  Julie handed me the controller, and IT IS A POKE BALL! What?!?!?


I’m completely in awe! This is the best thing ever. Oh, but wait, it gets better.  There is an analog stick on the pokeball controller.  You use this to navigate through the world, menu screens, etc. When you come across a Pokémon, you select it and then you “throw” the Pokeball plus at it to catch it without actually letting go of the ball (there’s also a strap to attach the Pokeball to the player’s wrist to prevent any mishaps.). When you catch a pokemon, a delightful click sounds from the Pokeball.  If you shake your Pokeball Controller, it makes a sound based on the Pokémon currently inside it, which is a beautiful touch that Pokémon fans are going to love!  This is a most incredible transformation bringing physical objects from the virtual space.

There are two different Pokeball Plus bundles coming to market. There will be an Eevee! PokéBall Plus bundle and a Pikachu! PokéBall Plus Bundle.  These are currently available for pre-order at multiple Nintendo Vendors for $99.99, bundled with the game. A standalone PokeBall plus accessory is also available for preorder now!

Booth Tour Conclusion

Overall, Nintendo has done it again with making games that are aesthetically pleasing, family friendly, innovative, and exclusive to their platform.  This is, frankly, a pleasant surprise for me because I had feared, before the release of the s, that Nintendo might have faded away from the forefront of gaming in the same way we’ve seen the loss of Atari and Sega.  Instead, Nintendo is managing to maintain nostalgic content, revamp old ideas, and innovate in a way that still can bring surprise and childlike wonder. Way to go Nintendo!