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Legend of Kay Landing on Nintendo Switch May 27th

Legend of Kay, the classic PS2 title that has already been remastered on Nintendo platforms for Wii U, has officially received a release date for the Nintendo Switch version, slated for May 27th, 2018. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the game when we reviewed it on Nintendo Wii U a few years back, and are equally as excited to play it again on Nintendo’s modern console.

Here is what we said about the game when we reviewed it,

Legend of Kay is a nice, inexpensive game to get you into the fall gaming season. There are plenty of quests to keep you busy, but if you want to power through the game you can. Although improvements have been made to the visuals and audio, the voice acting will likely make you cringe. If you can work through the first few hours, you are in for  pleasant gaming experience.

We will hopefully be looking at this again on Nintendo Switch, so stayed tuned!



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