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How to Bet Safely on eSports

With the rapid increase of people who wage on online gaming (otherwise known as eSports), beginners might feel like they are stepping into a completely unknown area.

Allow us to give you a few pointers so that you can be sure that you will venture only on trustworthy sites (like

Get your facts straight

Whatever endeavor you may choose to pursuit should require a little bit of research. That is also the case of betting on eSports. Basically, as we already briefly stated, you are going to bet on the outcome of online games.

Because we live in a day and age when almost everything happens on the Internet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can now even bet on digitalized characters.

Regardless of the game, you’ll need to do a little bit of research before you head into the battle. Study the game and the players as well. Consult trustworthy sites and don’t fall prey to people who promise you the Universe.

There are plenty of sites that will guide you without you having to worry that they will try to steal your wallet and run away into the mist.

Things to avoid

There are numerous people who are stating that betting on eSports is in a lot of ways better and safer than betting on traditional sports. However, you may find that the rules are not that different.

You still have your favorites, your underdogs, and newcomers who raise up to the challenge to win the pot. Here are some things that should steer beginners from making costly mistakes:

  • Heavy favorites – Especially when we are talking about Best of One (BO1) matches, heavy favorites are to be avoided. “Why is that?” some of you may ask. Well, in this type of match, the level of unpredictability is pretty high. Although a contender may come into the match with a big enough reputation and an allure of invincibility, things can go wrong fast.

In other words, you shouldn’t bet high on someone you didn’t properly research and it’s better to avoid high bets in a Best of One match, at least in the beginning.


  • Don’t underestimate – You may encounter a match between a known figure and an outsider. This unknown character shouldn’t be underestimated as there have been countless upsets that lead to a lot of money lost.


  • Keep an eye on the roster – There are some games that are played between teams (Counter-Strike Go or Dota 2, to name a few). And of course, each team carefully consists of a number of players that know exactly what do to. Well, sometimes the roster will change, and if the chemistry is lost inside the team, then the game may be lost as well.


Hopefully, we managed to give you some valuable instructions. But remember, you should always spend as much time as possible on research, especially if you are just now entering the world of betting on eSports.


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