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Gameloft Details Lilo and Stitch Update for Disney Magic Kingdoms and New Features Coming

Today, Gameloft did a live video on Facebook detailing the new event coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms. Get ready for Lilo and Stitch, because it will arrive in 2 days time! Are you ready to dive into Lilo and Stitch? Wondering what will be coming? We have a few details below.

As always, we are playing Disney Magic Kingdoms on our Google Pixel 2, provided to us by Google Canada. The Pixel 2 is a great multimedia phone with two front facing speakers for an optimum audio experience, whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music! Read our review here.

New Characters, New Booths, New Rides

While most of the new booths and rides coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms are created for this game, a few things from the actual parks will be available as well. Despite that it will be closed down soon in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Stitch’s Great Escape will live on in infamy in Disney Magic Kingdoms. On top of that, the develppers have promised that the popular Disney restaurant Ohana will be coming to the game as well.

Most of the characters you would expect to be here, will be here, including Lilo, Stitch, Nani, Jumba, Cobra, and more. Players can also expect a Lilo and Stitch parade float! The float is amazing, and features a spinning Stitch, riding a surfboard, and playing a guitar!

Gameloft also announced that Beauty and the Beast characters will be helpful in the Lilo and Stitch event, so make sure to get those characters!

There will also be a secret ride and character available as well, and although Gameloft has announced it, we will let you find it for yourself!

Updated Features

There will also be a quality of life feature. In the main options and in notifications, everything has been revamped. You can now choose which things you want the game to notify you about. Gameloft has also introduced merged notifications, which will give you one notification for all characters finishing tasks close to each other, rather than multiple.

Opening chests has also been enhanced, allowing you to automatically obtain the first two items in the chest, and allow you to tap for your third item while showing you all your options, almost like a slot machine!

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