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Release: April 30, 2019
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Fitar Limited
Genre: SportVR


Great About Rating

What is really great about PlayStation VR is that Sony and other publishers can release less expensive titles onto the platform that are simple, but have a great impact on those playing. BOX VR is one of those games, a great rhythm based experience that really is a solid workout. While not as deep of a rhythm game as Beat Sabre, this gets pretty darn close for those looking to get a solid workout while playing a fun game.


Thankfully, BOX VR is as simplistic of a VR game as you can possible get. You can box in one of three different environments – which have no outcome on the gameplay – but once the game begins, it’s straightforward. Each glove is color coded, and depending on how it appears on screen, you’ll either perform a hook, an uppercut, or a straight jab. It’s really that simple. As the coloured orbs fly towards you, there are also beams that you’ll need to duck below, and dodge. After only a few songs, I was really winded.


This is a fitness game, more so than something you do for enjoyment. Thankfully, it ticks both boxes. While the songs included with the game are pretty niche – I’m not sure I recognized any of them. But that did not matter, as the songs themselves really suited the game play that BOX VR is trying to deliver for the consumer. The songs work with the rhythm of the boxing, so I didn’t need to hear things I’ve heard on the radio. It didn’t matter.

BOX VR also has multiplayer modes that allow you to go head to head in a score challenge with a number of different people, and while this was fun with some friends, ultimately I don’t see this is a party game. It’s a great little addition to the experience to add a little more value, or if you want to workout with a friend, but I really see this as a standalone experience that is best played alone.


For all that it offers – and frankly it isn’t a lot – the cheaper price point makes it an ideal fitness option for those looking to workout a bit more at home. I’ve really enjoyed my time with BOX VR.

BOX VR is available now digitally, and at retail on November 19th! Good luck with trying to hit your fitness goals!



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