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The Angry Birds 2 Movie: Under Pressure VR

The Angry Birds 2 Movie: Under Pressure VR

Release: September 6, 2019
Publisher: Sony Pictures
Developer: Rovio Entertainment
Genre: Action


Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
8.0 - Video
8.0 - Audio

When the publisher of The Angry Birds 2 Movie: Under Pressure VR asked if I wanted to review a copy of Angry Birds VR on PlayStation VR, without looking up trailers or videos, I was pretty sure I knew what this was going to be. With no movie knowledge, I figured I was in for Angry Birds, but in VR. You know, launching birds at structures and pigs. Well, I was wrong, but it all worked out in the end.


This review is based of a physical copy of the game provided by the publisher. The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure is available for $34.99 USD through retailers including AmazonBest BuyGameStop and Target.

While many argued the world would have to end before birds and pigs teamed up, it looks like that has happened sooner than we would have expected. While bonding over a common enemy – the eagles – the birds and pigs set out on an epic adventure, working together to man a submarine and dispatch hoards of eagle enemies.

Under Pressure VR doesn’t just create a single player experience however, as the company has leveraged the game into a great social experience, allowing one player to use the VR headset while the others assist, playing on the TV. On it’s own, Under Pressure VR isn’t doing enough to justify playing it solo – there are so many better solo VR experiences – but when I had the opportunity to bring both my kids into the action, we had a great time, for hours on end.

What’s important to know that, at least based on my experiences, no prior knowledge of what actually happens in the movie is necessary to play the game. While some things harken back to the source material, many online have indicated that it didn’t change their experience much, which is how video games tied to movies should be!

In VR and on the Screen

The VR player always serves as the captain of the submarine in Under Pressure VR, and that comes with a lot of responsibilities. For one, the captain is the only person who gets a full view of the ship, and what is going on across the entire play area. This includes the ability to look outside the ship and see what items could be floating in the water that could damage the submarine. The VR play actually mimics standard Angry Birds gameplay really well, as the captain serves as a catapult, shooting items – and even allies – around the ship to make sure things are maintained and points are scored.


The VR player will also haul in treasure that single screen players will need to deal with. And while this seems very simplistic, the difficulty increases quite quickly. Soon you will be balancing the need to refine treasure into bars for points, move bombs off the submarine, and much more. It’s a hectic game, but one that will make you laugh way more than you will cry.

Unfortunately, the difficulty of the levels soon pushed my kids out of the picture, and more experienced players had to be called in to complete some of the later missions. With only around 30 missions total, it’s probably quite obvious why things seem to get difficult, quickly.

Ultimately, however this game is great for young and old alike. While I would never recommend attempting to do this with only 1 extra friend on board, it is possible. However, I fully believe this game is best experienced with 3 other friends joining in on the action.

The Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure VR is available now on PlayStation VR for 34.99 USD.



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