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Super Bomberman R Shiny Edtion Review

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edtion

Release: January 1, 1970


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7.5 - Gameplay
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Bomberman has been a household name for well over a decade now, and the little bomb dropping crew is back with an update on the previously released Super Bomberman R title. Now with all the added DLC from the original, Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition has hit the PS4, and those looking for some Bomberman action are in luck! Let’s dive in!


Originally released on Nintendo Switch – our review here – the game was launched on all platforms recently, bringing the experience to a much wider audience. Here is a bit of what we said in our Nintendo Switch review when it came to the story mode:

Story Mode

“Bomberman is loads of fun when playing with a friend. As you battle through the various worlds, you will encounter increasingly more difficult levels, monsters, and bosses. The story is incredibly cheesey, and only exists as the catalyst for the actual game play. Without the story, this mode would play exactly the same. The characters have no depth, and the enemies you fight don’t ever leave a lasting impression.

That being said, if you are playing Bomberman it’s because you want to blow stuff up, not because you want a story. This story mode will offer players 50 levels to play through, and while that might not seem like a lot, the difficult curve spikes considerably, making 50 levels seem like a lot. Every 9th and 10th stage of each world is a battle against that worlds boss.

To that end, Bomberman works really well. When played cooperatively, you have the benefit of another ally helping you out, but obviously the chaotic nature of the game itself is doubled. Two players, two bomb dropping idiots. What do you expect?”


When examining the experience on the PS4 and coparing it to my time with the Nintendo Switch version, in terms of story, not much has changed. Ulimately, you still are buying Bomberman for the multiplayer elements, and for the most part, that works fairly well.


Playing with others locally, or online with up to 8 on non-Switch platforms, Bomberman feels fresh and fun match after match. The people you are paired up with will ultimately decide whether your time online will be fun or frustrating.

The more the merrier is a true statement when it comes to this experience, and allowing so many players to play together online is a brilliant move by Konami, and one that should keep people playing long after the game has hit the bargain bins at retail and in eShops.

So what has Changed?

When moving from the Nintendo Switch version to the PS4 version, the biggest noticeable difference was the 1080p resolution, with a solid and constant 60 frames per second. This made the story mode much more enjoyable on the PS4, with smoother controls and animations. It is slightly disappointing, however, that Konami did not work in any enhancement options for the PS4 Pro.

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The exclusive characters that launched along side each consoles version of the game is a brilliant touch. It was super enjoyable to run around as Ratchet and Clank when playing on PS4, and I’m sure Xbox One fans and Steam fans were equally as excited to play as Master Chief and P-body respectively!


Ultimately, well I prefer the Nintendo Switch version for it’s portability, having a solid 1080p and 60fps is going to be enough for player to migrate over to the PS4 version of the game. If you are a fan of Bomberman and love to play with others, than this edition is the best yet!




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