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Sea of Thieves Review PS5

Sea of Thieves PS5

Release: April 30, 2024
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Developer: Rare
Genre: PlayStation 5 Reviews, PS5 ReviewsReviews
PEGI: 12


Great About Rating
8 - Gameplay
9 - Video
8 - Audio

Ahoy, mateys! Sea of Thieves, the popular online pirate adventure game that took Xbox by storm, has finally weighed anchor on PlayStation 5, bringing its unique blend of exploration, swashbuckling combat, and open-world shenanigans to a brand new crew of players. Whether you’re a seasoned buccaneer with a salty beard and a peg leg, or a fresh-faced sailor eager to chart your own course on the high seas, Sea of Thieves offers an experience unlike any other.

Sea of Thieves throws you headfirst into a vibrant, colorful world. Imagine lush tropical islands teeming with life, vast open seas shimmering under a golden sun, and the ever-present threat of storms brewing on the horizon. Unlike many story-driven games, Sea of Thieves takes a more open-ended approach. You’ll set sail on your ship with your friends (or a motley crew of online swashbucklers you meet through matchmaking) and forge your own pirate destiny.


Do you crave the thrill of the hunt, stalking unsuspecting merchant ships laden with booty and ready to unleash a devastating broadside? Become a fearsome pirateer, a terror on the high seas who strikes fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned sailors. Perhaps a life of honest (or semi-honest) commerce is more your style? Haul cargo for the various Trading Companies scattered across the world, building a reputation as a reliable merchant and lining your pockets with gold in the process. The open world is your oyster, overflowing with opportunities. Will you become a legendary treasure hunter, following cryptic maps to unearth ancient riches buried deep within forgotten islands? Or perhaps a daring privateer, taking on lucrative contracts to hunt down rogue pirates and claim their bounty for your own?

The beauty of Sea of Thieves lies in this freedom. You choose how you want to play, forging your own pirate legend and carving your name into the lore of the seas.

While treasure hunts and hauling loot are a big part of the pirate life, Sea of Thieves isn’t all sunshine and smooth sailing. The seas hold more than just trade routes and hidden coves. Lurking beneath the waves and on the horizon are dangers that will test your mettle. Ghostly galleons with spectral crews creaking through the fog, their cannons firing cannonballs that can pass straight through your ship, threaten to send you to a watery grave. Then there’s the Kraken, a monstrous leviathan with tentacles that could crush a kraken, rising from the depths to ensnare your ship in its grasp. These encounters are thrilling tests of skill and coordination, forcing you to work together with your crew to strategize, fight back, and emerge victorious (or at least survive to tell the tale at the nearest tavern).

One of the greatest strengths of Sea of Thieves is the emphasis on social interaction. Setting sail with a group of friends or a well-coordinated crew of online pirates creates a unique sense of camaraderie. Imagine the chaos and hilarity as you bellow orders while steering the ship through a hurricane, work together to decipher cryptic riddles that lead to hidden loot caches, or coordinate a perfectly timed broadside attack against an enemy ship, the cannons roaring as you cripple their vessel and claim their bounty as your own. These moments of shared experience, the triumphs and the blunders, are what truly make Sea of Thieves shine. The PlayStation 5 version takes this social aspect even further with cross-play functionality, allowing you to team up with scallywags sailing on Xbox Series X/S or PC.

The PlayStation 5 version of Sea of Thieves takes advantage of the console’s power, delivering crisp visuals that bring the vibrant world and its weather effects to life in stunning detail. The DualSense controller adds another layer of immersion. You’ll feel the creak of the ship under your feet as you navigate stormy seas, and the rumble of cannons firing will make every fight feel intense. The salty spray of the ocean might not quite reach you, but the DualSense’s haptic feedback will make you feel like you’re truly there, on the deck of your ship, living the pirate life.

While Sea of Thieves offers a vast and beautiful world to explore and a wealth of activities to engage in, it’s not without its shortcomings. The game doesn’t have a traditional linear story, and some players might find the lack of clear narrative direction adrift. Especially for solo adventurers. This game is a ton of fun with friends, but without….well there is not much there to really get into.



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