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Blood Knights Review

A brand-new downloadable Action-RPG will be heading to PC and other select consoles. Deck13 Interactive and dtp Entertainment is releasing Blood Knights; an RPG set in the world of knights and vampires during the Middle Ages. Game will be released on June 17 2013.


Blood Knight lets you control two vampires; Jeremy, a retired vampire hunter and follower of the Knights Templar, and the strange and powerful vampire Alysa. They have to combine their skills to conquer each level’s obstacles. Jeremy is a two-handed fighter, while Alysa is a long-distance fighter equipped with crossbows. The characters are created so that one player’s skills complement the other one. Although Blood Knights is supposed to be played with a partner, a single-player mode is additionally available. In contrast to using both characters, it is possible to switch between characters quickly with the press of a button. This naturally alters the gameplay, since most puzzle solving won’t work with only one character on the screen. Regrettably, single-player simply pulls those situations out entirely. You’ll need to have a friend play with you to get the full Blood Knights experience.


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