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GRCast S02E02 – Mario Kart Franchise: Memories, History and Future


“Nobody wins on Rainbow Road.”

In our first franchise week, we’re looking at Mario Kart. Joe is joined by Adam, Allison and Dakota to discuss the nostalgia of the biggest driving series ever. We’ll talk about favourite characters and tracks, battle mode, features we’d like to see added, things they should get rid of, DLC, track building, Reggie’s body and Ganon’s tiny bike.

Remember something we don’t? Join in the discussion below with your very own Mario Kart memories, characters you’d like to see or advice on how to help Adam and Joe be better at video games than their four year old children.


GRCast Season 2 – Episode 2

GRCast is hosted by Joe Ryan. His guests today were Allison Hill, Dakota Schiller and Adam Roffel. Mario Kart 8 is available for purchase on Nintendo Wii U. The music in the main show was created by Joe Ryan.

On next week’s episode of the GRCast, we’ll be looking back at the games we’ve been playing over the last month. Are there things you’ve missed out on, maybe some classics that have slipped your attention? Join us as we discuss all the games, big and small, that have held our attention in June. If you have any comments or suggestions and don’t want to post them below, feel free to email [email protected].

For some of the best gaming views, not to mention often hilarious banter and insight, be sure to check back every week. The second season is only just kicking off, so expect a lot of exciting developments over the next few months. 


Joe Ryan – @JoeRyan150
Allison Hill – @Alli893
Adam Roffel – @AdamRoffel
Dakota Schiller – @MissKotaLee

Video Game Lawyers 2U

Written, produced and performed by Mat Growcott (@MatGrowcott).


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