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Zoink and EA Will Bring FE to Nintendo Switch

When I played Stick It to the Man on Wii U, I became a Zoink! fan. The developer has such an odd and wonderful sense of humor in their games. I never did get to play Zombie Vikings since it wasn’t on a Nintendo platform but it looked great too! And now, I’m happy to report that one of Zoink’s upcoming games, FE, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

FE, an upcoming game from Zoink!, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. It will also be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Origin, and PC. The game will release in Early 2018!

Here is how the game is described:

“In Fe, players will be enchanted by the natural surroundings as they uncover secrets, complete side quests, and meet the mystical creatures of the forest. Players will climb, glide and dig as they voyage through the open experience meeting, interacting and rescuing plants and animals from the Silent Ones, the machine antagonists that are threatening the forest. Through unparalleled freedom of exploration in a world full of discoveries to uncover, players will become Fe and never want to leave.”

I remember first seeing this game at E3 and being blown away by it. The game looks even better in the new trailer above. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay looks really fun. This is definitely a different type of game for Zoink! I have so much confidence in them. I think we will be in for a big treat next year. I’m so happy that EA and Zoink! decided to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch.

What do you think of FE?

Source: Nintendo Everything


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