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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is Better on PlayStation

A while ago, we reviewed Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the Nintendo Switch, and we really enjoyed the game. The downside to the Switch version was a bit of a graphical deficiency and some frame rate issues – when we were offered an opportunity to look at the game again on the PlayStation 5 (game is technically PlayStation 4) from Capcom I jumped at the opportunity. I really enjoyed this handheld game, but would it be just as much fun playing on my couch?


The big thing for me is that I love having games handheld. Playing games on the Nintendo Switch is just my preferred way to play in 2024. I can play while my kids hog the TV. I can play when my wife hogs the TV. I can play almost anywhere, including while waiting for my kids for their various dance / musical / drama lessons as well. It’s so versatile, and I’ve said many times that I would quickly take a less impressive game, even with a few framerate issues, on the Nintendo Switch.

Now that bold statement is being challenged, because as much as I loved Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the Nintendo Switch, I think I enjoy it so much more on the PlayStation for a variety of reasons.

First, the game just looks crisper and brighter. Going back to the Nintendo Switch version you quickly realize that while the monsters and characters look pretty good, the environments and backdrops are pretty muddled, which is understandable considering the less powerful system. That is reflected in the size of the game download as well – only 14.5 GB on Nintendo Switch, while almost double that at 27.5 GB on PlayStation.

The other area I’ve noticed a better experience is in performance, both frame rate and load times. I went back to the Switch version just to compare – while the framerate is mostly OK across the Switch, there are definitely moments of slow down which are very noticeable.


In similar situations on the PlayStation, I did not experience similar issues. The load times, however, feel excruciatingly long on the Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation version is so much better, and while I love having games portable, it is harder and harder to play this game on my Switch versus on the PlayStation.

Honestly, if you already own Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the Nintendo Switch or PC, I’m not sure there is a strong reason to pick it up again on the PlayStation unless you fancy another full playthrough of the game on a different platform. If you’ve never played Monster Hunter Stories 2, however, and have access to a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, I cannot recommend this game enough. For our full thoughts on the gameplay and story, be sure to check out our review of Monster Hunter Stories 2 we wrote previously .


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