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The Video Game Awards


Last year was the debut of the Video Game Awards, and it is back again this year. Awards shows are always hit and miss with me, but to be honest, I didn’t hate this show. There was serious contention last year for specific awards – although like this year, the Golden Joysticks really sheds light on favorites – and that made for an entertaining night. The other great thing about these awards? Trailers, reveals, and a look forward to 2016. You won’t want to miss it!

Geoff Keighley will once again be hosting the awards this year, and almost every major publisher and developer¬†will be in attendance in some form, whether recieving an award or showing off a new game. I am most intrigued by what Nintendol do this year. Earlier this week, Geoff tweeted that we would be seeing up to 10 new reveals at the awards. While this is an obvious enticement to watch, it’s also a great example of how to do an awards show well. Announce something, or in this case, lots of things.

You will be able to view the show on YouTube, Twitch, and on the Xbox One. Via the Xbox Live Store, Playstation Network, and Steam, you can also now take advantage of a number of sales related to the Video Game Awards. There are some pretty significant savings on some great titles, so make sure you don’t miss that.

We will do a short wrap up article of the video game awards that will go live sometime over the weekend. However, I don’t think I need to tell you more than once that there are benefits to watching the awards show. Who knows what we will see!



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