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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Those Game Awards

The hype seemed real. I was sucked in. I said I wouldn’t watch The Game Awards. I did anyway. So what did I think of it? What were the best reveals? Who should’ve won Game of the Year? Here are my thoughts on The Game Awards 2018!

The Game Awards 2018 was…ok. It wasn’t the most awful game related thing I’ve ever watched. In fact, there were previous years of The Game Awards that were far worse. But. The Game Awards didn’t really live up to the hype. Big surprise right?

Lets talk about the good stuff related to the Game Awards first though.

There was a major surprise near the beginning of the show. That surprise was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3! When the trailer started I thought: “Guardians of the Galaxy video game for the Switch?!” It wasn’t that though. It was, dare I say it, better. I would’ve loved a Guardians action video game. That said, a game with the Guardians, the Avengers, Spider-man, and the X-men is amazing. And its a Nintendo Switch exclusive! Wow!

I wondered after that if the show would top that reveal. Spoiler: It didn’t.

That said, there were some other cool looking games revealed. Crash Racing, The Outer Worlds (Fallout in space!), Psychonauts 2, and indies like Hades & The Last Campire all looked wonderful. I’m sure there are some other games I’m forgetting too. Some good looking games were revealed during the show.

However, here we go with the bad stuff…

Nintendo didn’t reveal Metroid Prime 4. Heck, they didn’t reveal much of anything other than a Smash Bros DLC character. And I know many of you are excited for that character, but, personally, I thought it was a so-so reveal. I guess if you love Persona, then it was a great reveal. I think Nintendo just didn’t want to take attention away from Smash Bros by revealing anything big.

Also, Sony did not reveal when Dreams would be coming out or talk about the beta. The game was a no-show at the Game Awards. That actually bothered me more than Nintendo’s non-reveal. I really want that Dreams beta!

As for the actual Game Awards itself, Spider-man was completely robbed of an award. It should’ve at least gotten one! And Ocotopath Traveler and Dragon Quest 11 were deserving of awards too.

I was shocked that God of War won Game of the Year because Red Dead had snatched up just about every other award…

Oh and the biggest problem with The Game Awards? It was too long. You think the Oscars are long. Sheesh. Wow.

Like I said earlier though, The Game Awards wasn’t horrible. It was ok show that actually did reveal some cool games. It wasn’t a complete waste of time. Still, I think I could’ve waited until today and just scanned through the video to get to the good stuff…

I might do that next year. Then again, I’ll probably just get sucked into the hype again.

Did you watch The Game Awards? What did you think of it?

Next week: I take a look at On Rush for the Playstation 4.


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