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Lost Sphear Demo First Impressions

Yesterday, Square Enix released a demo of an upcoming rpg called Lost Sphear to the Nintendo Switch eShop (and other places). I played the demo a little bit and wanted to share with you some thoughts on the game! Here are my first impressions of the Lost Sphear demo for Nintendo Switch.


Lost Sphear for the Nintendo Switch is from the same team that brought us I Am Setsuna. While on the surface the two titles might seem a lot like, Lost Sphear is definitely its own rpg and introduces some pretty neat new concepts.

The demo starts out in the game’s world map. Right away, I was blown away by this map. It looks a lot more impressive than the map in I Am Setsuna. I also love how you unlock parts of the map (make them appear) by using “memories”. These “memories” not only unlock parts of the map but also give you new abilities, like a mini-map in the corner of the screen or being able to see how much HP enemies have in battle. This is a really cool way to navigate the world map and add to the game overall.

You can also add to non-world map areas you visit too.  Memories can recall rocks in your way and treasure chests. The memories here don’t give you any other special powers like the world map memories but this feature is still pretty neat.

As for the battle system in Lost Sphear, it reminds me of I Am Setsuna because of the combos and the fact that the characters in both games are not standing in a straight line. But there is a lot more to Lost Sphear’s battle system than I Am Setsuna.

In Lost Sphear, your characters have two forms in battle: a regular form and a form where the characters are wearing special suits. These suits use VP points and there’s a meter for the VP. As long as you have enough points, you can use these special suits! Not only are the suits useful in battle, but you can use them out of battle too.

The VP suits can break rocks, boost your characters so they can run faster and avoid battle, and I’m sure other things too. You can’t use these suits all the time though because you use up VP points fast!

There are a lot other powers you can use in battle too. All of them have pretty neat effects. The battle system in Lost Sphear seems pretty fun, but I could tell already that this game is not going to be an easy one. Some of the battles in the demo are pretty hard.

I have not finished the Lost Sphear demo yet. Thank goodness for the demo’s Quicksave feature that lets you save any time out of battle.

Lost Sphear seems like a really good rpg. Will it be better than I Am Setsuna? I’m not sure yet. I doubt even finishing the demo will let me know if it is. I hope to finish this demo though and may eventually buy the game. I’m not 100% sure I’ll buy the game at launch. Its a definite maybe for now. I’ll be more sure once I’m done with the demo!

Have you played the Lost Sphear demo? What do you think of the game?


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