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First Few Hours of Just Cause 3

I received a copy of Just Cause 3 a few days ahead of its December 1st launch and realized one thing really quickly: the story in this game is pretty bad, but that does not matter in the slightest. Do not get me wrong, this game is outstanding and anyone picking up a Just Cause title for the story is doing it wrong. Reality check: Just Cause 3 is all about explosions, bigger explosions, and incredibly and physically impossible explosions. Explosions, explosions, explosions.


The most unfortunate part of my first hour was the lack of tools to truly enjoy the open world, right away. However, after your first four or five missions you will have all the tools you need to traverse this massive sandbox world. My advice is to have fun with it. Try to get a bigger, more bad ass explosion. It is always worth it.
The mini game type challenges spread across the map are not my cup of tea, at least not yet. With so much to explore, I never try to get 5 cogs (stars) on a mission when I know I can unlock all the perks by merely getting 2 or 3 cogs on each challenge. I am sure that once I tire of traversing the world, my interest in these challenges will spike.

Some problems I had from Just Cause 2 carry over, but they are my own problems. For example, I still cannot fly a damn airplane! Everything new to Just Cause 3 is explained incredibly well, and I never got stuck. If you do get stuck, blow your way out of it.

I have seen articles about poor frame rate even with the day one patch. On Xbox One, I have only noticed these graphical hitches during loading screens. On more than a few occasions, the text hints that pop up on the bottom of the screen flickered frequently. While odd, it was far from game breaking. After a few hours, I have yet to experience frame rate drops or graphical hitches while actually playing the game.

Have you been playing Just Cause 3? What do you think so far?


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