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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Update: Missions In Uncharted Space Out Tomorrow

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s second update, Missions In Uncharted Space, will be out tomorrow!

The second update for Disney Dreamlight Valley will be out tomorrow. The update is being called Missions In Uncharted Space!

What will this update include?

Well, we know that Toy Story is a big part of it. Behind a new Realm Door in the castle, you’ll find Andy’s Room! And in Andy’s room, you’ll meet Buzz and Woody. After you help them, you should be able to invite them to live in the Valley.

Thanks to recent update image though (included above), we know that Stitch will be in the new update too. Also, we will find holiday updates like Mickey holiday cookies and new clothes for yourself and the Disney characters. There could be plenty of other things too. The update is going to be really big!

We can’t wait to check out the update tomorrow. We will have thoughts on it as soon as possible!


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