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Uncharted 4 confirmed for PS4

The PlayStation 4 launch party in New York was bound to bring some news we either anticipated or were simply hoping for. The guys from Naughty Dog both surprised and excited fans with the reveal of Uncharted 4.


The short teaser trailer (see below) didn’t reveal much in the way of info, however it did kind of confirm that series protagonist Nathan Drake is not going to be the lead character this time around. The one minute video, which sees a camera slowly pan across a pirate map, features a voiceover even fans are struggling to recognise. It most definitely is not Nolan North (the man who does the voice of Nathan Drake). Some are speculating it may be Lazarević or perhaps even Sir Francis Drake himself. Of course, it could also be that the villain is the one doing the talking, not the main protagonist.

Whoever we are playing as, one thing is certain, Uncharted is coming to PlayStation 4. While no date or any further info was given, the Naughty Dogs representative did advise viewers to take a closer look at the trailer to uncover more clues.


Uncharted 4 wasn’t the only big reveal from Naughty Dog however. Brand new downloadable content for The Last Of Us entitled Left Behind was also shown featuring none other than the much loved Ellie accompanying a mysterious little girl at a merry-go-round. Again, no other info was given surrounding the short reveal.



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