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More Thoughts From Me #95: My First Trip to Skyrim

I was going to write about what (and who) in gaming I was thankful for this year but honestly, I just don’t feel like writing a list like that this year. Sorry. I am thankful for many of you though, especially Adam Roffel, Games Reviews, and some other wonderful people I mentioned on twitter. I am @df2506 there (plug, plug), please follow me. And Adam & Games Reviews and the other people I mentioned. Ok? So what is this column going to be about then? I’m going to write about Skyrim! In fact, Skyrim for Nintendo Switch! Warning: there are some spoilers for the opening minutes of Skyrim in this article.


I wake up in the back of a wagon. I have no idea where I am or who I am. There are people all around me and I try to listen to them. I feel very out of it. My hands are tied. What is going on?!

So begins my first trip to Skyrim via the Nintendo Switch. I never played this game on any other system. I didn’t have any of the other systems. I did play Elder Scrolls Oblivion (and Morrowind) when I had a 360, but I missed out on Skyrim. Well, until it came to the Nintendo Switch that is.

I kept seeing footage of Skyrim for Switch. I read articles about it, including Adam Roffel’s review. I thought the game looked and sounded great. And, thankfully, I had the opportunity to get the game recently. So what do I think of my trip to Skyrim so far?

Well, I almost died within the first few mintues of the game!! They were going to cut my head off! What a way to greet a newbie eh? After that mess though, I felt right at home in Skyrim. The controls were pretty easy to grasp and I was carefully lead to the first town, though I’m sure I could have easily just decided not to go and wandered off by myself!

There is so much freedom in Skyrim. The game offers the most open amazing world on Nintendo Switch in my opinion. And thats saying a lot when you have games like Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild hanging around. I just love this game so far.

I am totally hooked on Skyrim. I find more and more things to do all the time. And if I ever get stuck on one thing, I can back out and go do something else. I can always deal with that other thing later.

There is no doubt that I’ll be playing Skyrim for hours and hours to come. It is  a great investment for the Nintendo Switch. Oh and I love playing it in portable mode. Imagine having a massive open world action rpg in the palm of your hands. Wow. This game is fantastic.

Is it perfect though? No, I did run into one time when the game froze on me and glitched. And there are times when some pieces of the environments in the game noticeably just pop in and the audio does crackle too (just heard there is going to be a patch for the audio crackle. gooood). Plus the load times in this game, while not that long, do happen a lot.

In the end though, all of these complaints are just minor. Skyrim is amazing on the Switch. I love this game and I highly recommend it. If Skyrim is the future of third party support on the Switch, then I welcome it. Please bring us more games like Skyrim third parties!

Next week: If I get myself away from Skyrim, I’ll have another column for you next week about…well something. I haven’t figured out yet. I will definitly take suggestions!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Now its time to go back to Skyrim. Hope they don’t try to kill me again.



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