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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Review-in-progress

Our full review of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond isn’t ready yet but we thought we’d talk more about the game. Where are we? Is the game still good? We will try not to give too many spoilers in this review-in-progress! Note: none of the pictures here are from the area hinted at in the article.


I feel like throwing my Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond has had some hard battles here and there, but mostly, I didn’t find it too challenging until…the final bosses.

I won’t spoil who or where they are. I will say that they are so very hard and just when you think you’ve beaten them all…well, you haven’t. And just so you know: you can’t back out and buy more stuff after you’ve entered the place where the final bosses are. This is old school, well almost, and you have to take on the bosses’ Pokémon one after another after another..etc.

Its almost old school because there is one thing you can do: you can save in between each battle. So you can take a break if you want. But if you lose you’ll either have to go back to your save or…go out, buy more stuff, and go back to the beginning of the final bosses…

Again I say: I want to throw my Nintendo Switch.

Okay, Okay, I’m backing out now and leveling up more and getting more stuff and hopefully I’ll have an easier time with those bosses.


The difficulty of the ending bosses aside, I still really love this game. The graphics, gameplay, basically everything about it is so very good. Great even. I never thought I’d love a Pokémon game so much.

So basically I don’t have the final review for you because I am stuck at the final bosses. There is post game content too and I want to check that out. We will hopefully have a full review of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond next week.

Here is a former non- Pokémon fan telling you though that Brilliant Diamond is awesome. Addictive even. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. It makes for a wonderful first Pokémon game.

Stay tuned to GamesReviewscom for more on Pokémon Brilliant Diamond. If you want to know about my current progress in the game, you should check out my twitter @df2506!

Thank you to Nintendo Canada for providing a digital code for this review-in-progress.  Pokémon Brilliant Diamond is now available via retail and in the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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