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LEGO Dimensions Holiday Buying Guide

With Disney Infinity bowing out of the Toys-To-Life marketplace, there really are only two options for these types of games: Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions. While Skylanders does get plenty of play time in my home, LEGO Dimensions easily trumps it, and in our humble opinion, it is the toys-to-life game you should be buying this holiday season. Here is a wrap up of what has released recently, and what is going to release soon, complete with links to our opinions!

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Story Packs

Ghostbusters – 49.99

To date, this is the only Story Pack launched for LEGO Dimensions. Story packs are a new ‘invention’ to coincide with the wave 6 releases, and includes a new gateway build, and a multi-level story for you to explore. In this Ghostbuster’s themed set, you will control Abby Yates and move through some scenes from the newest Ghostbusters movie. We reviewed Ghostbusters here, and loved it!


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – 49.99

This set has yet to launch in North America – slated for release on November 18th – but from the box art, it looks fantastic. This set features Newt Scarmander and will be available along side the Wave 7 release. After completing this six level story, I’m happy to say that Fantastic Beasts would make an excellent edition to your LEGO Dimensions collection. You can read our full thoughts here!

Level Pack

Adventure Time – 29.99

The Adventure Time has a unique look and feel, and that cartoony look carries over really well to this LEGO Dimensions Level pack. You can read our complete thoughts of this set here. Everything that you love about the show and other Adventure Time games is available here in this Level Pack. For a Level Pack, there is also a good amount of content to play through and the figures are outstanding. Since this is the only way to get your hands on some Adventure Time LEGO, it’s a must own, regardless if you play the game!


Mission Impossible – 29.99

I’m not a huge Mission Impossible fan, and of all the LEGO builds from recent LEGO Dimensions releases, this is by far the weakest. This isn’t a set you buy if you are looking for a great LEGO set. However, the actual level you play through is outstanding, with some of the best environments I’ve ever seen. If you are a huge LEGO Dimensions fan, grabbing this is super important as the figure included will act as a replacement for a number of other characters. In a game where maximizing your gateway space is important, this figure goes a long way in opening up a ton of spots. You can read our full review here.


Sonic the Hedgehog – 29.99

Sonic the Hedgehog won’t release for a few days yet, but it is one of my most anticipated LEGO Dimensions sets coming yet in 2016. Sonic will help kick off the Wave 7 release schedule alongside Fantastic Beasts, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Again, this will be the only current way to get Sonic in LEGO form so don’t miss out!

Team Packs

Harry Potter – 24.99

I’m a huge fan of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so obviously when I got my hands on this pack I was really excited. Each area within the world is wonderfully detailed, but getting between these areas requires traveling over somewhat bland connection paths with little to do. That being said, this is definitely worth the price of entry, and a must own for any Harry Potter fan, regardless of whether you are playing the game or not. And that Hogwarts Express mini build. That’s the best Dimensions build yet. You can read all our thoughts here.


Adventure Time – 24.99

There is not a whole lot more to say here on top of what was already mentioned above when talking about the Adventure Time Level Pack. However, There are figures and vehicles you won’t be able to get in the Level Pack, so if you are a big Adventure time fan – or you want to explore more of the Adventure Time world – I strongly suggest picking this up to add to your Level Pack. For a total price of 54.99, I think it’s a great investment for big fans of the franchise. We will be reviewing this Team Pack shortly!

Gremlins – 24.99

I am not very familiar with the Gremlins, but the Team Pack looks pretty cool. We are hoping to review this prior to December and will provide complete thoughts then, but like all Team Packs, you are getting a fair amount of content for your entry price.

Fun Pack

There are a lot of Fun Packs available for you to play with, and we won’t get into much detail here. Fun packs usually include one figure and one vehicle, and are a nice way to offset your collection and open up a few new worlds for the low price of 14.99. We have our favorites, but at the end of the day, these don’t really compare in value to all the other packs currently available.


We will add to this gift guide as we look at more sets, but for now, this should get you well on your way to purchasing the best packs for your friends and family.


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