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Brewmaster: A Beer Brewimg Simulator a Wild Ride

I didn’t know what to expect when I first loaded up Brewmaster on my Nintendo Switch. First, it felt like a game that didn’t really belong on the platform, but even after that, it was just a weird simulation game? Did I really want to brew beer? It was a question I had when I hit the load screen, but one that was quickly answered. Yes, I do want to brew beer. Let’s take a look.


In Brewmaster you are, well, brewing beer! Crazy, isn’t it. Thing is, you are actually going to do a lot more than I thought, including buying and retrieving ingredients from the fridge and pantry, getting out pots and other equipment, cleaning and more. Then once you’ve gone through the entire process of creating your beer, you will need to bottle it, choosing the bottle type, beer name, label and more. It’s way more in-depth than I thought.

The actual process of making the beer was actually really cool. You need to find the exact ingredients and put in the exact amount based on the various recipes you can get from the quarterly brewing magazine. You can also nab jobs from this magazine and fulfil specific requests, and buy new equipment and ingredients.

The one area I wasn’t expecting to enjoy so much was the house customization stuff. While you spend the majority of your time in the kitchen and beer tasting room, you also can walk around other areas of the house, including a front hall area and a sitting room. These can be decorated with items you purchase from the catalogue. It’s really not a necessity to have it in this game, but it does allow you to make the space you are playing in, your own!

I really enjoyed Brewmaster, and I think you will too! Bottom’s up!


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