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Reverse City-builder Game Flooded is now Available on Nintendo Switch

Imagine a game where you will have to build an Ark to move to a safer location however time is against you as the water level continues to rise, and you are running out of resources slowly as the lands slowly sink. Forever Entertainment gave us this opportunity in Flooded which is now available on Nintendo Switch.

This new unique approach to a city-builder game with a mixed element of Rogue-lite is something you don’t see in video games too often, and with Flooded players will have that opportunity and chance to explore a new game that has these elements and challenge your skill as a gamer if you are someone who love city-builder and rogue-lite. 



  • Reverse city-builder with rogue-lite elements and procedurally generated islands.
  • Campaign, Quickplay, and Endless game modes.
  • Continuously shrinking land due to rising water levels.
  • Resource gathering, building upgrades, and the development of new technologies.
  • A variety of defensive structures to fend off hostile neighbors and pirates.
  • Exploration of nearby islands with diverse biomes.


The campaign mode immerses you in the game’s plot. Follow the story of a group of miners whose peaceful lives were turned upside down in the blink of an eye by an enigmatic cataclysm. Explore uninhabited islands, meet new allies, fight mysterious invaders from the north, and discover the secret behind the great flood.

Quickplay: Adjust the gameplay settings and face your customized challenge on a randomly generated island.

Endless: Develop a robust economy and produce resources before your base gets flooded. Once every four development eras, the island expands to give you a shot at surviving until the next cycle.


Do you have what it takes to build your ark for your people to get to a safer location before the water level rises? Give it a try, there is a demo that is out now and give you a chance to dive right into the first stages of the campaign story in Flooded. The game is currently priced at USD 12.99 and 12.99 Euros, and you can get a release discount of 15% before November 30th if you are an owner of any Forever Entertainment Featured games you are eligible for a 50% owner discount.


Here is where you can pick up the game:
Nintendo eShop (NA):
Nintendo eShop (EU):

I will be checking out this game and look out for my review as well in the next couple of days. Maybe there might be a physical for this game shortly, but for now, we can enjoy it digitally.

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