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Yarn Yoshi and Woolly World Hit Store Today!


If you are as excited as I am for the the new yarn Yoshi amiibo and his latest adventure, Yoshis Woolly World, than today is an extra special day. Woolly World, three regular yarn Yoshi amiibo – green, blue, and pink – and one Mega Yarn Yoshi are all available to purchase, now! In Canada, the game bundle with green yarn Yoshi will cost 64.99, individual regular sized yarn amiibo will cost 19.99 each, and the Mega Yarn Yoshi (exclusive to Toys R Us) will retail for 59.99.

Here is what Nintendo has to say about their latest title,

With a distinctive look, engaging game play that can be enjoyed solo or with a friend and fun amiibo support, Yoshi’s Woolly World is a must-have game for Wii U this holiday season,” said Pierre-Paul Trepanier, Nintendo of Nintendo of Canada’s General Manager and Senior Director. “It’s rare that a game can be both forgiving for newcomers yet also pose a challenge for veteran gamers, but Yoshi’s Woolly World masterfully delivers a layered experience that everyone can enjoy.

We will have a full breakdown of Woolly World in the near future, including another Opinionated Logan articles where my almost six year old son gives his opinion on all family friendly titles. Until then, stay tuned to Games Reviews for more coverage!


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