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September Super Geek Box Review

Super Geek Box is one of the best subscription boxes we open each and every month, and once again, they delivered on Septembers box. If you are a fan of Mario and Nintendo, you are going to love this box! Lets see what’s inside.

Super Mario Plush

This months plush is not as nice as others we have received. The Donkey Kong last month from Super Geek Box was definitely better – and bigger – than this months Mario, but we won’t complain. The plush is officially licenced from Nintendo, and is incredibly soft. It will make a great addition to my growing collection of Mario plush toys.


In your box you could have either recieved Mario or Luigi. I’m so glad I got Mario – does anyone actually like Luigi?

Kirby Lanyard

At first glance, the Kirby lanyard seemed like a weird addition to the box. Who’s going to wear a Kirby-on-a-star lanyard around their neck, just for fun?

After further investigation, however, and I’m pretty sure this is suppose to be a name plate of some kind. I’m sure I could use a Sharpie to put my name directly on the Kirby and star; if that is the use, it would make a great item to wear to a convention! I think I found something to identify myself when I’m in Toronto next at a Nintendo of Canada event!



Rubber Bracelet

Every month, no matter what the box, there is bound to be an item I’m not crazy about. This month, that item was definitly this rubber bracelet. I remember when these were cool, a ton of years ago. Do people still wear these? Either way, it is now property of my son!

Bowser Magnet

I’m super excited about magnets, and having a Mario magnet for my fridge is extra awesome. Plus, I think the design of the magnet itself is outstanding. Good job Super Geek Box! More magnets please!

If you are taking suggestions – create a magnet puzzle, and put a piece in each months box!

Jiggly Puff tShirt

The Jiggly Puff “Rest in Peace” tShirt is outstanding, and I cannot wait to wear it around. I’m most stoked about the actual color of the shirt. It’s not your traditional black or white shirt, but a beautiful slate grey. Pokemon is all the rage now, so I’ll also be wearing something that is current.



This months box was top notch! Although I’m a little confused by the rubber bracelet – which brings no extra value to the box – everything else was great to receive. If you want your own Super Geek Box, just visit:!


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