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Performace Design Products Launches New Headset Line

The Afterglow line-up of headsets from PDP are easily recognizable. In fact, I’d argue they might be one of hte most recognizable brand of headsets on the market. While the Afterglow brand lives on, PDP is launching a new line of headsets aimed at dedicated and hardcore gamers. PDP is packing a lot of product into three new budget headsets: the LVL 1, the LVL 3, and the LVL 5+.


Here is a breakdown from the PDP Website:

LVL 1 Chat Headset for Xbox One

The LVL 1 Communicator is a wired chat headset that connects directly to the controller. In addition to crystal clear communication through a noise-cancelling microphone and a flexible folding boom, the Communicator also includes in-line chat volume and microphone muting controls.

Durable Wired Communicator

Select LVL 1 for a durable wired Communicator that connects directly to the Xbox One controller. The tangle-resistant flat cable provides a hassle-free gaming experience.

Impressive 30mm Neodymium Audio Drivers

Experience your games the way you’re supposed with our impressive 30mm Neodymium drivers. The entire LVL headset line is engineered for incredible audio depth, sonic richness, and clarity of sound.

Easily Accessible In-line Controls

Make quick adjustments during game play with LVL 1’s easily accessible in-line volume and mute controls.

Flexible Noise-cancelling Microphone

The noise-cancelling, flexible microphone provides personalized placement for gamers and ensures crystal clear communication with other players.

Comfortable Headband Design

Designed with comfort in mind during long gaming sessions, LVL 1 offers a comfortable light-weight frame.

Immersive Over the Ear Cup

Play for an extended period of time and immerse yourself in your favorite games with LVL 1’s comfortable over the ear cup.

Price Point: 19.99

LVL 3 Chat Headset for Xbox One

LVL 3 is a wired headset that plugs directly into the controller for easy set-up. Powerful 40mm Neodymium drivers for game/chat audio and easily accessible in-line microphone muting/volume controls elevate the LVL 3 headset, making it perfect for all types of gamers.

Price Point: 39.99

LVL 5+ Chat Headset for Xbox One

LVL 5 is a wired headset featuring Afterglow’s signature lighting, adding a dynamic haptic driver that allows you to adjust the bass levels of your game, as well as easily-accessible volume and mic muting controls located on the ear cup.

Price Point: 59.99


We will be reviewing a few of these headsets in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned to Games Reviews for our impressions. Until then, these headsets are available now at GameStop locations around the country, and will be available retail wide on October 31st. Find more details at


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