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Nintendo as a Brand is in Decline


It’s not an opinion. It’s not a next generation fan boy article, or a Nintendo dooms day article. It is a fact.  Nintendo’s brand has taken series blows over the years, and the company now sits in spot 100 out of 100 when it comes to the worlds most valuable brands. Many analysts predict that Nintendo won’t even make the list in 2015.

Nintendo is at a crossroads, and the moves they make in the next few years will determine where this company is headed; however, things are not as bleak as some might like to say, especially those claiming the days of Mario and Zelda are indeed over. However, the fact that Nintendo sits at the bottom of the list when it comes to brand value is a problem that the company is most likely aware of.

Nintendo needs to avoid being left of the list in 2014, and a strong year could help them. It’s hard to judge Nintendo next to their competitors in the video game marketplace since both Microsoft – who came in at number five – and Sony – who came in at number fifty-two – operate both within, and outside, the video game marketplace.

Sony’s 3% decline from last year is nothing when compared to Nintendo’s 33% decline. Things need to change for Nintendo; I cannot even image a world where Nintendo is not one of the most valuable brands in the world. A company with so much history shouldn’t fall so far, so quickly. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo does anything in light of these recent statistics. For the good of the consumer, fan or not, I hope they do. 

Numbers are a bit up for interpretation it appears; BranZ, another global brand research team, has a different list for 2014 from Interbrand’s; Nintendo, however, doesn’t even make their top 100. The full list from Interbrand can be seen here:


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