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Disney Infinity 3.0: Inside Out Play Set


Disney Infinity 3.0 has been a huge hit with consumers, and the game deserves all the praise it has been getting. From the Star Wars packed in play set to all the options that are coming this year and next, Disney once again has captured the hearts and minds of fans around the globe. Fresh of a very successful stint at the Box Office, Inside Out has made a big splash in Disney Infinity 3.0, and he is what we thought of it!

The Inside Out play set is a fantastic platforming adventure, swaying between 3D worlds and 2D worlds. The levels are never overly difficult to complete, but to obtain 100% will take you a ton of time. The two characters included with the set, Joy and Anger, are enough to get you through the entire game. Spread throughout the worlds are character swapping portals where Joy or Anger can take on the form of the other three characters for a limited amount of time.

Of course, each character has it’s own special ability. Joy can float through the air, Anger can walk across lava, and Sadness can float on clouds without falling through. Each characters ability will be used in most levels in order for players to progress all the way through.

The Inside Out play set lacks the violence found in Star Wars. You will only encounter a few enemies during your short, but rewarding, adventure. The Inside Out play set focuses a lot more on puzzle platforming and obstacle dodging, rather than attacking. This is probably for the best, because of all the Infinity characters available to purchase, the attacks of these five are the worst. 

There is a lot to collect in the Inside Out play list, which is good news for individuals who want to extend their game play. Certain challenges will task you with collecting a certain number of balloons in a set amount of time. Don’t be fooled: getting the number of balloons required is extremely difficult; I was only able to complete the challenge when playing with my wife.

The Inside Out play set is a great family experience for Disney Infinity 3.0. Young kids can play it and find some enjoyment, but there is also a certain level of challenge for older players. The characters are beautifully recreated in the game, almost making you feel like you are watching Inside Out again. Disney has really hit a home run with this release. We could not recommend it any more!



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