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TotalBiscuit Reveals Shady Shadow of Mordor Review Code Deal


With #GamerGate still seeing quite a lot of attention, you’d have thought that developers would try to keep less-than-perfect practises hidden from the general public. Perhaps – in an ideal world – they’d even try to do things by the book, even if just until the controversy has died down. It hasn’t happened though, and YouTuber TotalBiscuit has revealed that he was only offered Shadow of Mordor code in return for a paid branding deal.

The basic message here is that review code was allegedly only given out to YouTubers in return for (paid) branding on their channel. That might not sound too bad, it’s not like they’re not getting anything out of it. Unfortunately, the very act of tying review copies to advertising in any way, shape or form makes it difficult to disconnect the paid ads from the review itself. The Shadow of Mordor game is also a great choice to try and play it outside. There’s no unbiased option, outside of shelling out money on what is effectively a push of other people’s products in the first place.


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