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TemTem is a game where you catch and fight creatures and fight other tamers. Wait. Isn’t that Pokémon? Yes, but TemTem has online multiplayer too. Is that enough to make TemTem more than just a copycat of Pokémon? Here is our review of TemTem for the Nintendo Switch!


TemTem is an indie game that looks and plays a lot like Pokémon. In fact, you get creatures just like Pokémon, run into tamers who want to fight you, encounter wild Pokem…er…TemTem in the tall grass, and even go to places that’ll remind you of Pokémon centers.

So is there any difference between TemTem and Pokémon?

Yes, TemTem is a completely online game. You’ll see ghosts of other players wherever you go. There’s also a menu that you can use to chat, join another player in co-op, or challenge them to a battle.

Though, our experience had us trying to join somet in oneo-op and being rejected mostly. The one time we got into a co-op, we had no idea where the other player was. We never got into a battle with another player. The chat seemed to be full of players talking though. TemTem seems like its super popular.

But why is it popular? We’re not sure. Yes, the game runs alright and there doesn’t seem to be too many glitches. The graphics are fine too. But everything about the game screams Pokemon copycat. The tall grass encounters and other tamers waiting to attack you feels like it was pulled right out of every Pokémon game ever.


TemTem just isn’t original enough to recommend playing unless you have already played every Pokémon game and need a new one before Scarlet/Violet. I suppose if you’re a hardcore Pokémon fan that likes the idea of a online multiplayer “Pokemon” game, then you may want to check this one out. Everyone else should just play Sword/Shield, Arceus, or Diamond/Pearl.

TemTem gets a 6.5 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. TemTem is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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