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Steel Series X100 Headset

Not everyone has a hundred or more dollars lying around that they can spend on a gaming headset. Some people try to use cheap headsets or even earbuds and microphones that were packed in with their most recent cell phone purchase. Steel Series is attempting to change that by releasing a very affordable,  59.99 headset. For the price, there may not be a better budget headset on the market than the Steel Series Siberia X100.


If you’ve read our review of the Steel Series Siberia X300, than you will understand a bit more of what the X100 is all about. You are getting a similar headset with a few less bells and whistles. The audio quality is noticeably not as solid, but the comfort is equal to that of the 149.99 priced X300.

Budget headsets are hard to find, as most companies no longer produce them. However, for the price of a new release game, the X100 provide a solid audio experience – both across the game audio and chat functionalities – that won’t leave you wanting more.


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