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Nintendo Direct: Third Party Support Strong, Nintendo Publisher of the Year?

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was incredible, with 45 minutes of non-stop announcements, reveals, and details on all our favorite announced – and previously unannounced – titles coming to the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Nintendo has to be in line for Publisher of the Year for all that they have accomplished in 2017, leaving the Wii U and the criticisms that surrounded the company during that time way in the past. With strong 3rd party support on the horizon, and tons of great titles left for 2017, it’s obvious to me that Nintendo systems were the ‘it’ items to own this year.

Nintendo DIrect

Lets begin with 3rd parties. Bethesda has come up big with lots of support for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, we got a release date for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which will be landing this November. On top of that, Bethesda also announced the release of their recent popular hit Doom, finally bringing a big-franchise, AAA, M rated title to the system. Couple that with the recent release of Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle from Ubisoft, and the announcement of Wolfenstien, and future projects from Square Enix, things are looking really great for AAA Third Party support on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has been no slouch either, though, with tons of new reveals, and details about some of their most exciting upcoming games. Lets take a look at three of my highlights:

Super Mario Odyssey: With over 7 minutes of new information to digest, anyone who wasn’t sure about this game have to be convinced either way. It looks like will be getting tons of varied worlds to explore, with some outlets suggesting perhaps 600+ Power Moons to collect! On top of that, Nintendo is implementing a screenshot ability through the Nintendo app on your phone, allowing you to create custom wallpapers, and post directly to social media! The new bundle is also fantastic! Check it out below!

Xenobalde Chronicles 2: We have a release date (December 1st), and this title looks wildly different than Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Nintendo Wii U. It looks like there are multiple tribes we will interact with, each living on the back of a specific titan. This is going to be great, in my opinion.

Mario Party: Top 100: Mario Party has definitely had its ups and downs since it originally launched on the Nintendo 64, but each title has had a host of great mini games that you likely would love to play over and over. Now you can, with the Mario Party Top 100 minigames, coming to Nintendo 3DS family of systems. I’m glad to see that there will be download play so only one game is needed for up to four players, but really hope that Nintendo eventually brings this over to Nintendo Switch.


There was so much more shown off and announced during the event. What was your highlight?



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