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Google Announces their latest Smart Speaker – Nest Audio

During their 2020 Made by Google, Launch Night In showcase, Google announced the brand new Nest Audio smart speaker, which will be available in just a little while. While Google has released a number of different smart speakers over the years, it looks like new software will make the Nest Audio the premier smart speaker option this holiday season.


Google’s Nest Audio will come in 5 different colours – Sky, Sand, Sage, Charcoal, and Chalk – and features a tall, rounded design covered in mesh fabric. The fabric look of the device will be familiar to longtime Google, smart speaker users. It’s a good look, and I’m glad the company has opted to keep that design heading into 2021.

The mesh itself is created from 70% recycled plastic, as Google continues it’s drive to making environmentally friendly devices, a promise they spent a lot of time on during last years event, and which they have consistently delivered upon with recent tech launches.


There are a number of features Google is promising to deliver with the Nest Audio, including:

  • 50% more bass & 75% more volume than the original Google Home
  • 19mm tweeter
  • 75mm mid-woofer
  • High frequency coverage
  • Clear vocals

There is more though. While a single Nest Audio can be the focal point of all your Google Assistant interactions, you can also use them in other ways, like having two devices in one room, setting them as Left and Right audio sources! Google also wanted to make sure that when listening to music, fans got the most authentic and realistic sound possible, spending hundreds of hours fine tuning everything so that what you hear is as close to what the artists intended as possible. In today modern world Nest Audio would also make nice addition to vivint smart home security system.

With so many possibilities with Nest Audio, there really isn’t any reason not to invest and add to your home! Hopefully we will have a review up on GamesReviews in the near future!

Nest Audio is available for preorder now in Canada for $129.99.


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