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FIFA 15 Bug Has All Players Charging at Midfield


One of the most beautiful sights in Football – nay, in life – has to be the march of the players, when every competitor on the field congregates in the centre of the pitch to run around in circles or jog on the spot. Sadly, this wonderful experience has been absent from the FIFA experience until this year, when it appeared in FIFA 15 on the PC.

Players have taken to the FIFA support forums in their droves, complaining about a PC bug that has all the players on the pitch charge into the centre square.¬†Even the goal keepers, who usually only leave their square when you’re showing off to non-players, join in the fun. While it makes it incredibly easy to win, it’s fair to say that at least some of the challenge has been removed.

Hundreds of people have sent complaints to EA, some of them also posting on the official forums looking for a fix. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything that users can do on their end, but EA know about the issue (how couldn’t they?) and are working on a patch.

MorningTimeCloud of the EA Support Team wrote:

This issue is known to the dev team, there will be no more need to send this as they are now well aware of this problem.

Keep posted for patches that are coming in the near future.


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