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Christina Hoff Sommers Weighs in on #Gamergate, is Run Down by Gawker Journalist


Christina Hoff Sommers is the feminist that feminists love to hate thanks to her fact-based criticisms of what the movement has become. She’s regularly attacked via social media by people who disagree with her generally reasonable views. Her latest controversy? Daring to suggest that gamers just might be people, something Gawker journalist Adam Weinstein seems to strongly disagree with.

It all began with a single Tweet from a few days ago:

A fair statement and one that received very little in the way of backlash. In fact, most people seemed to be supportive of the idea that millions of gamers aren’t all potential rapists and internet trolls, something that some individuals find difficult to believe. Finding new support, Sommers posted more about #Gamergate and the feminist reaction surrounding it.

It’s that last one that caused a bit of a stink with Gawker journalist Adam Weinstein.

Sarkeesian has always been a controversial figure – that’s what you have to expect when you report on sexism in the gaming industry in the way she does. Some forgive her for the overall message, which is a positive one, but those that need convincing aren’t being taught anything. The videos she releases are an echo chamber for those unhappy with the gaming industry, and they don’t need to look any closer than that.

With that said, nobody should ever receive threats of anything violent, and I’ve yet to see a single person actually suggest that it’s okay – except for people saying that there are people saying that it’s okay.

Sommers probably could have left it there, but decided to write back to Weinstein.

At this point, several of the Gawker editor’s followers chime in, mocking the “MRA supporter.” There’s a to and fro between Weinstein and Sommers discussing where she gets her information from:

This is enjoyed by people of a certain mentality, who call for her to cite her research. If you’ve made it this far, welcome to The Twilight Zone: a feminist is saying that gamers are human beings and people are disagreeing with her and asking her to prove it, as though it’s not fairly obvious in the first instance. These are the same people, no doubt, who rushed to Zoe Quinn’s aid when she claimed to be attacked by the denizens of Wizardchan. How many of them asked for proof then? How many are asking for it now?

The conversation ended soon after:

That’s not the end of Sommers’ thoughts on the issue though, and she’ll be releasing a video in the coming days.


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