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Yoshi’s Woolly World Hands-on Preview


Yoshi’s Woolly World Preview – Introduction¬†

As its own franchise, Yoshi’s Island has become incredibly dull. Nintendo has, however, figured out a way to revitalize the franchise with their 2015 upcoming release, Yoshi’s Woolly World. Yoshi is back on console, and the game not only looks great, but it plays great too.

E3 Video

If you haven’t caught the Yoshi’s Woolly World bit from the E3 direct video, do yourself a favor now and go watch it. The passion from the developers was very evident; they went as far as constructing a prototype Yoshi doll, and various enemies, out of actual yarn in order to get a feel for what the game should look like. Regardless of my anticipation for this game, I felt that this type of dedication and passion is the key to producing a quality title: it paid off. After Yoshi’s New Island, I was done with Yoshi games; however, this has renewed by interest.


Yoshi plays as good as it looks. The controls are incredibly easy to understand and master, and even without any kind of tutorial or guidance from a Nintendo PR person, I was playing the game like a master within a few minutes.

You cannot escape the beauty that this game has to offer. Everything from Yoshi’s transforming into a propeller as he flies through the air, to turning enemies into mini balls of yarn that I can use as ammo is incredibly satisfying. If you have played a Yoshi’s Island game before, the way you play really hasn’t changed. You still use your enemies as weapons, shooting at various areas of the level to reveal hidden passageways and items. This time around, Yoshi can also use the balls of yarn to create platforms to help him traverse the levels. It is very easy, and very enjoyable.

The game was sufficiently difficult – and even more so if playing with a second, less capable, player – which is a great difference than Yoshi’s New Island which I felt was a tad easy to beat. I was only able to play through one level, but like all Yoshi games, you have a number of collectibles to get in each level, and you are never hindered by a time limit.

Playing with another person can be great fun, or excruciatingly difficult. The game really does require two people to be in sync with each other. When playing New Super Mario Bros U or Super Mario 3D World, having 4 players on the screen at once can get hectic, but it is very manageable. I found (personally) that playing Yoshi with two people can be chaotic. It all depends on who your second player is, and how competent they are at playing. If they are aimlessly wandering around the world, heading back and forth on the screen you both share, be prepared for some frustrating moments. With a decent friend, however, multiplayer is going to be a lot more fun than if you were to play Woolly World alone.

Yoshi’s Woolly World Preview – Conclusion

The demo of Yoshi’s Woolly World alone makes me want to score this game a 9/10. It has all the charm one would come to expect of a Nintendo title. I do have one huge problem with this game: it isn’t coming until 2015.

The passion the developers have put into this title is very evident, whether you have seen them talk about it or not. Do yourself a favor and at least give this game a moment of your time. You won’t be disappointed.


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