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Ubisoft’s Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is Still Nintendo’s Mario

When images of Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle were leaked ahead of the games official announcement at E3 2017, the masses of Nintendo fans online were pretty skeptical about what they were looking at. Could it be true? Was Nintendo allowing another publisher to use their assets to create a cross over title? Turns out, this was all true, but rest assured: despite Ubisoft developing and publishing this game, and despite them using their Rabbids characters, this is still very much Nintendo’s Mario!


Through the opening cinematic trailer to the completion of World 1-1, you’ll feel right at home as a Nintendo fan playing through the first little bit of Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Yes, the Rabbids are everywhere in the world, some hostile and some friendly, and you’ll defnitly feel that Ubisoft vibe. But overall, it won’t take long to feel like you are in a Nintendo World.

In reality, you are. This is still Nintendo’s property, but Ubisoft has harnessed the vision of Nintendo, all the while creating something unique to their Rabbids brand. For those hardcore Nintendo fans worried about what Ubisoft might do to their beloved franchise, don’t fret. The Mario and Nintendo feel is here, through environmental puzzles, baddise in Rabbids form that you will definitely recognize, and so much more. You have the Mario Kingdom coins to collect, the traditional 8 red coins to quickly find before time runs out, great environmental puzzles, and the dazzling backdrop of Peach’s castle to stare longingly at. This is very, VERY Nintendo like.

Calling it ‘Nintendo like’ is by no means a knock on Ubisoft either, but rather an example of the great skill they have at their studios. Ubisofts contribution to the title – outside of obviously bringing everything you will see to life on the screen – are the Rabbids, and they are integrated very well throughout the opening few minutes and the rest of the adventure. The other big contribution that Ubisoft makes: that opening cinematic, one of the best – if not THE best – I’ve ever seen connected with a Nintendo franchise. If the opening moments of the game are anything to go on, Ubisoft has created a real, must own gem with Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

For those wondering, from what I’ve seen – and from what you can witness through the videos we have posted from Abdallah – Ubisoft has done a great service to the Mario brand with Rabbids. Although we cannot go into specifics at this time – our review will be up prior to launch so look for it then! – we do hope the thought of another company playing with Nintendo’s toys isn’t what makes you pass on what looks to be an very interesting title.





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